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Come on you who pay my social security benefits, not even sad that Edgar got knocked off so ingloriously? I had to learn it from the Laura Ingraham show (teaches me right, just cuz one Tivo's doesn't mean you can wait 24 hours to watch!) Anyway, Edgar was harmless, why waste him? To what end? They must give great severance packages. Where will the poor boy get another job like that? I love reading all your smart comments, because lots of this goes over my head! Thanks.

Comment Posted By Flora Hoffman On 8.03.2006 @ 03:39


I'm new at computer. How can I print your comments each week and also the feedback. I love it and would like to send it to a frind who has no time to go thorugh this like I do? Are we all crazy or what to get so into this? I watch so little tv, I can't believe I'm so hooked. Thanks for adding to the crazyness!! Or is it craziness??

Comment Posted By Flora Hoffman On 26.01.2006 @ 00:30

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