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I watched live news for one full week and I have discovered that Barbara Bush is the only one with a pinch of realism. Welfare recipients will do absolutely anything to better their lives except take birth control or break a sweat working. It took hundreds times the effort to whine about their mistreatment than to walk out of New Orleans on foot; or for heavens sake leave before Katrina hit. I am a single mom who worked three jobs and attended school full time after my divorce to build a stable and secure life. And ya, we were hungry, hot in the summer,and cold in the winter, but what we have now is ours because we earned it. Its called independence. Along the way we picked up pride, self confidence, strength, coping skills, self control, opinions backed by experience, and the ability to appreciate the important things in life; none of which are material. Maybe I am wierd, I don't know, but I just live life by the example my father set before me. He was, I believe the last remaining MAN alive. Thank God he never helped me in the least financially. He felt his life guywires and my hard work were a better investment. They were.

Comment Posted By IN,multi-collar,SWCatholicF,common senseaholic On 4.10.2005 @ 10:30

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