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No sane libertarian would argue that people have the right to kill each other.
If fetus = child, then abortion is murder. That part isn't complicated, and the pro-life stance is neither authoritarian or libertarian.

The complicated part (at least in today's society) is the question of whether fetus = child.
For me, it's not complicated. Is the fetus human? Yes. Is it alive? Well, can something with a beating heart be dead? No, so yes it is alive. Therefore it should be against the law to kill it, however it came into existence.
Or is it your contention that there's another option besides being alive or being dead? Of course that's your contention. Never mind that it doesnt make sense. The important part is not clouding the woman's head with guilt over her undeniably selfish choice.
Rape is a tragedy. The proper response to that tragedy is not to use a vacuum to rip apart a baby with a beating heart and throw it into a trash can.
I know that such talk alienates people, and that's unfortunate. I believe a fetus is a child, therefore I can't pretend that abortion is ok, no matter what the circumstance.

Comment Posted By JD On 14.10.2008 @ 11:06

If Obama used illegal donations to fund his campaign and then funneled $800,000 of those illegal donations to ACORN so they could commit widespread voter fraud in "swing states", why should we act as if that's ok?

Comment Posted By JD On 14.10.2008 @ 09:33


Well put,I am a life long Democrat, but have felt since the Calerence Thomas hearings, the Democrats lack balls. They tried to play fair and the Republicans played to win. Albert Gore tried to play fair and Bush stole the election. In a inmoral and unethical war, our Democratic leaders tried to sound republican, tough on national sercurity and now look just as dum as Bush. The exceptions; Howard Dean, Al Sharpton and the former mayor from Cleveland, Dennis K were made out to be nuts by their own party. Howard Dean would have provided a clear different direstion for voters. Obama spoke out against the war, but as a state Senator, he did not have a vote. The Obama of today more than likely would have supported the party's power base and the war. On a local Chicago basis, both Jacksons, Congressman Jesse Jackson JR and his father Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr were strong in their war opposition.Come visit

Comment Posted By JD On 20.12.2006 @ 09:32


Your understanding of law & legal precedent is remarkably childlike - surely you will enter the kingdom of heaven! while you're down here though you might actually think before you start hammering at the keyboard. The Constitution itself looked to many - gasp! - foreign analogues, and our entire legal system (which is a separate matter from the Constitution, mind, not that you're troubled by niceties) draws on pesky foreign ideas. It wasn't born whole-cloth, nor did it reach some point of crystallization when it became immune to history, progress, etc. Foreign law and precedent were consulted, freely and duly, throughout the framing of all our laws. That's because smart people don't worry too much about whether they're drawing their ideas from native or foreign resources. They're more concerned with the actual value-content of the idea.

It's a concept you might look into!

Comment Posted By JD On 20.03.2006 @ 08:57

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