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Ron Paul is the only politician out there, who hasn't been bought and does not lie.

Jesus you people creep me out.


Comment Posted By Jeff M. On 19.08.2008 @ 10:51


I like the smear of Ron Paul thrown into the above post. Cute.

Ron Paul is an M.D. that has delievered 4,00 infants into this world, he's dedicated family man, never divorced, never cheated on his wife. Ron Paul served 5 years in the US Military as a flight surgeon during the Vietnam era, yet some so-called conservatives still smear him any chance they get. That's not right.

Neoconservatives have an irrational and virulent hatred for Ron Paul, and that says alot about Neocons.

Comment Posted By Jeff M. On 19.08.2008 @ 10:57


There is an old saying: "If you play with fire and you get burned."

As for young Mr. Saakashvili, he's probably toast in Tbilisi after this aggressive stunt. Let the neocons find him an endowed chair at the American Enterprise Institute!

Looks like yet another failed plan cooked up by Neocons, yet another plan that has nothing to do with the American citizen.

Comment Posted By Jeff M. On 19.08.2008 @ 21:01

I'm not at all convinced that worrying about the border of South Ossetia and Russia is as important as securing our own borders.

This issue is folly for Americans and an utter waste of time.

I wish people would stop saying that this Georgia government was an "ally" or that it was some shining beacon of "democracy".

Let's not lose sight of the facts:

1) Georgia started the war.
2) Abkhazia regards itself as independent of Georgia and did not take part in the 2004 elections, while South Ossetia favors union with its northern counterpart in Russia!!

Come on America, get some context and sense of proportion. We have bigger issues that Bush, Obama, Paul, and McCain should be focusing on.

Comment Posted By Jeff M. On 19.08.2008 @ 20:51

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