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I grew up in SW Mi worshipping Nellie Fox, Little Loo, Jungle Jim, et al, so it somewhat pains me to say that I've caught Tiger Fever. I was caught up in the Sox run last year, but would love to see the Tigers do it this year. By my count, there are still 13 games remaining between the Sox and Tigers. Should be lots of opportunity for you to wax eloquent on those upcoming series. On one thing we can agree, the Cubs can't suck enough.

Comment Posted By JimBobElrod On 2.07.2006 @ 09:26


I just finished reading "Undaunted Courage", a history of the Lewis & Clark expedition. Apparently Indian (excuse me, Native American) tribes of that time were very territorial, and the consequences of being caught out of one's territory were not pretty, slavery or death being the usual result. The Blackfeet were the real badasses of their time. On the other hand, Native American wives were freely passed around to strangers because of some rather bizarre beliefs.

Comment Posted By JimBobElrod On 25.11.2005 @ 10:48


When Jenks threw that 100 mph message under Jeff Bagwell's chin, I almost felt sorry for him, Bagwell that is. Almost lost in the last two innings was Cotts striking out the last two batters he faced, helping to strand runners on first and third with no outs. Oswalt is the most dominant starting pitcher I've seen in the playoffs so far. He will be tough to beat. By the way, the subplot involving Contreras, Fidel and Contreras' family still in Cuba would be an interesting story for someone to do.
Great writing, you'll at least have an audience of one thru the Series.

Comment Posted By JimBobElrod On 23.10.2005 @ 18:45


Off topic now. Baseball is described as the thinking person's game full of subtleties and nuance. Sometimes George Will is the only person able to recognize truly significant moments in a game. But there are times when everyone comes out of the kitchen to gather round the TV to watch the game, however briefly. I'm now talking about Brother Jenks' appearance in last night's game. How about a paean to the glory of pure, anadulterated HEAT.

Comment Posted By JimBobElrod On 23.10.2005 @ 08:35


Did I ever have a deprived childhood. Growing up in SW Michigan, my window on the Sox was limited to listening to Bob Elson on the radio. The only chance to see them on TV was if they happened to play on The Game of the Week on Saturday. I wasn't aware that Mr. Brickhouse was a Sox announcer.

Comment Posted By JimBobElrod On 18.10.2005 @ 19:13

I still have my Early Wynn autograph glove and got many little league hits using a Nellie Fox model thick-handled bat (choked up of course, never held down at the end of the bat). For bonus points, who was the long time Sox announcer during the Senor Lopez regime?

Comment Posted By JimBobElrod On 17.10.2005 @ 20:21


Freddy Garcia makes it 3 complete games in a row, a feat not accomplished since the days of Tom Seaver and Jerry Koosman. The way Contreras is pitching, it wouldn't be too surprising if he made it 4 in a row. Santana didn't look anything like he did against the Yanks, he was wild as hell. If only the catcher interference non-call had been made, the game would have ended differently, not.

Comment Posted By JimBobElrod On 16.10.2005 @ 07:53


Hey Frank,
Why don't you go out in the street and find something else to politicize.
Let's hope we wind up playing the Yankees and have Central and Eastern time zone starts. Also, it's hard to work up a good hate against a team called the Angels. Beating the Yankees would help with a grudge I've been nursing since Kansas City was their unofficial farm team back in the '50's.

Comment Posted By JimBobElrod On 8.10.2005 @ 18:14


I was a baseball crazy little leaguer when Nellie Fox, Luis Aparicio, Billy Pierce, et al last won the American League pennant. I think they beat Cleveland the night they clinched the pennant as I listened on a large transistor radio. Obscene salaries, free agency and jerkwad players caused me to lose interest in the game about 10 years ago, but I may have to pay attention if the Pale Hose make it to the Championship Series. I'm a little hazy on this, but wasn't Hoyt Wilhelm one of the first White Sox closers?

Comment Posted By JimBobElrod On 2.10.2005 @ 18:03

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