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Not equipped to undertake the task myself, but 'twould be illuminating to review some of George McGovern's more emphatic campaign statements from Spring 1972. A generation pre-Internet, this would require search of print and TV archives... but such a historical "compare and contrast" exercise could provide significant context and perspective on current D-rat themes, specifically Comrade Obama's ever-green collectivist Statist approach to governance.

Comment Posted By John Blake On 20.04.2008 @ 13:57


Don't beat your breast: On Monday (January 7), several observers noted busloads of Hillary supporters converging on NH from points East and South. Since pollsters had no access to these trumped-up Hillary-ites, how could they have factored such fraudulent elements into last-minute prognostications?

But MzBill is her own worst enemy. Michigan, South Carolina et al. will be immune to such Begala/Carville stunts. Hillary's "people of New Hampshire" were co-opted franchisees from neighboring States. Big Media most certainly knows this now, but we expect precisely zero commentary on, 1) MzBill's subversion of the voting process; and 2) Reporters' duckspeak record of absolving themselves from all complicity.

Should this debacle embolden the Wife of Bill (aka The WOB) to expand her modus operandi in new realms? Cheating comes cheap... but will Obama shuffle off to Buffalo? Goatherds have means of re-directing flocks.

Comment Posted By John Blake On 9.01.2008 @ 12:51


Not since April Gillespie warbled to Saddam Hussein ("Oh Mr. Saddam, uou're so big and strong!") has a spectacle such as the Frum/Pelosi's occasioned such raucous merriment among Mideast thugocrats.

U.S. "strength and unity" as displayed by this blind partisan? In Robert's Rules of Order, Parliamentary Speakers serve to represent legislative chambers as a whole, ensuring respect for minority constituents as a condition of joint powers (recall John Hancock during the Independance vote in "1776").

Frum/Pelosi is a hack, most likely ignorant that Robert's Rules exist. The idea that such a clueless little twerp presumes to violate separation-of-powers by treating with America's declared enemies during Congressionally approved regional hostilities would be like Sam Rayburn visiting Mao T'se-tung in Peking as Eisenhower was preparing a Korean Armistice. This would be inconceivable to Speaker Sam, tough-as-nails but fair, respectful of Constitutional perogatives, above all an American patriot ("politics stops at the water's edge").

Not only does Mde. Frum/Pelosi disgrace her Parliamentary office, but in her pork-ignorance and narcissistic foolishness, anti-Semitic and even racist to the core, her intentions are transparently dishonorable. Our Speaker of the House advocates, fosters, strives by every means to encompass America's defeat.

For what? After Vietnam, boat-people and Khmer Rouge victims perished by the million. How Brezhinski can assert "It didn't happen" reveals a Carteresque/McGovernite mindset so radically delusional that one wonders what "will not happen" should American forces seize defeat from jaws of victory this time around.

Millions murdered, barbaric Islamofascists emboldened,nuclear
threats emanating from regimes not worth a dogpile of respect... Frum/Pelosi with her Zbig enablers just can't wait. Whether the burqa fits or not, Madame, you'll just die wearing it.

Comment Posted By John Blake On 5.04.2007 @ 09:49


We have had good Presidents, even two great ones. We have had non-entities (Fillmore, Pierce, Benjamin Harrison, Harding), do-nothings and even racists (Buchanan, Hoover, Carter, Andrew Johnson); but until Clinton, none was ever personally corrupt.

Absent literal criminality, we'd compare WJC most closely to James Buchanan, on the brink of Civil War. What then of GWB, 2001 - 2008? The Executive that comes first to mind is Harry Truman-- despite his Berlin Airlift, Marshal Plan, defense of Greece against Stalin's slave-state Comintern, even his stance against Dixiecrat racists such as Byrd in 1948, HST was reviled by leftists for Hiroshima and Korea, as for accommodating the UN (carefully crafted to Stalin's specifications by Harry Hopkins and Alger Hiss) -- that is, for maintaining America's defense against unprecedented Soviet Communist assault on every front.

Generations later, Truman for all his faults (and they were many) is seen as generous, resolute, battling for the right. Risen through the notorious Pendergast machine, he never touched a dime. Alien to America's academic, cultural, and Wall Street elites, he succeeded by sheer force of character in binding them with him to America, in for the long haul.

Bush II is quite remarkable. Like Truman, he exhibits astounding resolve amidst reptilian partisans not seen since the Copperhead "Peace Democrats", the extraordinarily blind and malfeasant Soviet/Maoist/Vietcong enablers of that same party's McGovern wing, reincarnated as Jihad sympathizers since 9/11 in 2001. By 2030 or thereabouts, like Truman in (say) 1974, we think GWB will
be extolled as Horatius at the Gate (Macauley, "Lays of Ancient Rome"). By then, there will be no "youth cult" and vicious, irrational extreme-Left conspiracists will be lumped with Lincoln's Union-hating Confederate slavocracy where they belong.

Think Henry Wallace over Truman taking office from FDR in 1945. Hammer-and-Sickle or Swastika, which armband do you prefer?

Comment Posted By John Blake On 2.04.2007 @ 13:34

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