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The thing I find most annoying about Obama and the media is the fact that when a republican was in office dissent was considered patriotic but now that Obama is in office dissent is just called whining, complaining or racist. How is it patriotic for one and not the other?

Comment Posted By Joshua On 22.01.2009 @ 22:03


Ashamed to be known as liberal? Demonstrates the degree to which your extremism blinds you. The overractive, simplistic unthinking conclusion that liberal governments are, by definition, socialistic, has sparked the most shameful moments in the history of the world's self-proclaimed greatest democracy. Hence, our murderous incursions into Latin American countries: Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Argentina. I lived in Latin America for many years and witnessed this extension of conservative paranoia in the US. To call these policies misguided is a gross understatement. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Latin Americans have been murdered as a result of the simplistic, uninformed policies driven by paranoid conservatives who equate a foreign President's desire to raise the standard of living among the poor in his country with communism. Hence, our assasination of Arbenz in Guatemala, of Allende in Chile, and of the democratically-elected President of the Republic of Iran, and our installation of the brutal dictatorship of Shah Reza Pahlavi.

I am an Academy grad (USAFA), and served this great country during the Vietnam war. The new conservatism bears no resemblance to that of one of the greatest political leaders of the twentieth century, Barry Goldwater. No, the new conservatism is characterized by arrogance, antagonism, along with an intolerant attitude toward those who challenge their extreme thinking. The norm is incivility. Even AEI, a foundational nexus of conservative thought, acknowledges the rush to extremism. "We lost it under Clinton, when conservatives relentlesly attacked him. Then, the present President Bush chose a strategy of being a divider, rather than a uniter." (Direct quote from Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute.)

As to your penchant for labelling, if I could pass the physical, I would still be flying missions. But, I despise your hateful, petty tactics. Most of all, I am sickened that you dare call it conservatism. Barry Goldwater is restless in his grave, as are patriots such as Thomas Paine. Have you read, "The Rights of Man" recently, or "Common Sense?"

Show those independent voters that conservatism is a traditional and worthy doctrine, not a haven for extremists. Do it quickly. Or November will be a sad month.


Comment Posted By Joshua On 8.02.2008 @ 04:16


If the MSM really is taking a Six Sigma approach to Presidential criticism, it's a good bet that Bush won't be the last target of it. A mindset like that has a way of becoming internalized (indeed, in a quality-assurance setting this is to be expected).

As President, Bill Clinton was often accused of being divisive. George W. Bush, even more so. But if the trend continues with the next president - whomever he, or she, may be - that would tell me that the divisiveness really had, and has, nothing to do with any of them.

Comment Posted By Joshua On 9.03.2006 @ 16:38

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