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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comment about my service – its always good to know my service is appreciated by fellow Americans Americans.

I understand your comments about warrantless wiretapping and am partially conflicted due to the need to secure America. However, the recent whistleblower reports that the NSA was listening, transcribing, and passing on conversations of US troops talking to their wives – this was specific policy, not the actions of some rogues. Not only is this a violation of privacy and liberty, but incredible waste of resources.

McCain gets credit for earmarks but his plan on 300B buying foreclosed homes and comment on Greed on Wall Street among his other meanderings on the economy and regulation make absolutely no sense.

Additionally I guess I’m really fed up with the control the Christian right exercises of the party now. I’m really fed up with that. Goldwater would be rolling in his grave. BTW, check Buckley’s recent endorsement of Obama. Just because I’m conservative leaning doesn’t mean I have to support everyone that says there a conservative and with me.


Comment Posted By Justin On 15.10.2008 @ 13:56

A gentleman above said that he would urge his son to 'resign his commission immediately' despite the fact that he's currently serving in Iraq if Obama is elected. Man oh man, have you no honor sir? If your son is like the many others I served with in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Marine then he would never do that because he loves his country and signed up to serve. We are pledged to support and defend the constitution of the United States - not believe in some wacko idea that Obama will immediately prosecute all military personnel for war crimes...are you serious?

This is exactly what has turned so many Americans off about where the Republican Party and Right stand today.

For what it's worth, as a Marine vet of Iraq and Afghanistan, I'm voting for Obama because I'm tired of the fact that Republicans no longer stand for individual liberty. When the Republicans spend a few years in the wilderness, hopefully they'll be able to provide a forward looking substantive opposition to what will likely be some leftist policies coming out of the Obama Administration and congress.

As a libertarian, I'm concerned that Obama will certainly implement policies that I radically oppose. But over the past eight years, how has this present Republican Party been conservative and stood for individual liberty? From 2001 to 2006 non homeland security/defense spending went up more in percentage terms than under LBJ's period in office! Warrantless wiretapping from the party of individual liberty? Screeds against homosexuals and the belief that if I disapprove of someone else's behavior I can make it illegal despite constitutional guarantees to that behavior. Campaign Finance Reform? A war in Iraq that was not properly planned or executed nor well thoughtout? Where are the competent, limited government Republicans?

Bring those back and I'll be back in the Republican Camp.

I have a son in the Army. He is a Captain. He is presently serving in Iraq.

If Obama is elected, I will advise my son to resign his commission immediately. I can see Obama prosecuting all military officers as war criminals. I can also see him using them as pawns in whatever games he will play.

It was a nice country. While we had it

Comment Posted By Justin On 14.10.2008 @ 23:47


At the end of the day, blame will probably be assigned -- to FEMA, to Nagin, to Blanco and/or to Bush. I think the one group that deserves no blame is the military (including the Coast Guard). Unlike me, others (particularly in the MSM) like to characterize our troops as "screw ups." See the cartoon referenced in the first post here:

Comment Posted By Justin On 15.09.2005 @ 13:26


Hey JD - where's your blog? Don't have one? Then shut yer yick.
Secondly, firebrand, the Liberals aren't left-wing up here. The are in the centre.
Sorry I know it's hard for someone with only TWO parties to choose from to understand what a healthy democracy is like but let me make it easy for you: it consists of more than two viable parties.

Comment Posted By Justin On 7.04.2005 @ 08:49

Even with out corrupt Liberals we're still better off than you fools. 200 million dollar rip-off? Yeah it sucks but I prefer it to being mislead into an illegal war. At least our citizens aren't dying for false reasons. "islamofascist sympathizing" - yup that's me. Wait a second - who's fascist again? Here I have the freedom to smoke a plant or marry my boyfriend but if I tried that in the land of the free I'd be arrested or lynched.
Thing is - I know not all Americans are as stupid as you and it's those people that have to put up with you as their 'countrymen' that I pity.
"The only thing to rival it wasn’t so much a scandal as it was a political argument; the Iran Contra affair."
You are a very unintelligent person. Seriously, I know in the back of your head you know and it and it's true.
Please stop trying. It's embarrassing.

Comment Posted By Justin On 6.04.2005 @ 23:54

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