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Just a note - I am not a math major, but I think you mis-subtracted. 2.15 million-80,000 = 2,070,000. Good article.

Comment Posted By Larry On 23.02.2010 @ 18:28


Moran, you draw a false distinction. There are no climate change "deniers" on the skeptical side of things re climate change or more accurately global warming. This is a disingenous slur used by global warming hysterics against AGW skeptics, and you have bought into it. All AGW skeptics (at least all knowledgeable ones) are simply AGW skeptics, not climate change deniers since they are always insisting on the reality of climate change, that the climate is always changing naturally, that climate change is intrinsic to climate itself. Therefore there is no reason to assume that climate change is man-made all of a sudden after billions (yes billions) of years.

It's the skeptics on AGW who always insist on bringing up climate change from the earth's past including the ice ages, the Medieval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age during the Renaissance etc since this undermines the notion of present-day climate change being man-made. As if we are no longer subject to natural fluctuations in climate when we always have been in the past, and will continue to be in the future since climate change is intrinsic to climate. It's that simple. As long as the earth is spinning round the sun, there is climate and climate change, the two are inseperable. The AGW hysterics should speak of their climate change affirmer opponents, not deniers - they are simply being both dishonest and obtuse otherwise. The climate change deniers here are the AGW hysterics since they deny natural climate change, or deny it's existence all of a sudden after billions of years of natural climate change, yet in the modern industrial age all of a sudden natural climate change ceases. It's all of sudden man-made. Who's in denial? Talk about projection.

Incidentally Moran read that article you wrote on Palin and the mainstreaming of the Birthers at Pajamas Media, as I commented there (under the same moniker - the second Larry not the first), good article, and I agree with you 100% - but look at all the moronic responses you got from the zombie Birthers, so many of them, the majority of the responses to your article were pro-Birther garbage. It's why there is no hope for conservatism in America, like liberalism which is likewise bankrupt in everyway. Birtherism has taken hold of the Right like a mind plague, gotta say that it doesn't surprise me though.

Comment Posted By Larry On 7.12.2009 @ 02:11


Every psychologist polled said Jackson was NOT a pedophile, he was a case of arrested development due to his odd childhood. I sleep resting with my head on my cat's ass, it doesn't make it bestiality. Stories about Jackson sold big time, he was money for people just like this blog attracted me through google even though i've never been here. He was abused by his dad, the press, and people who believe everything they read.

Comment Posted By larry On 7.07.2009 @ 21:00


Americans hate the damage Republicans have done to this country. Angry? Yes! We are weaker militarily, poorer (morally and economically), in debt up to our eyeballs, and have far less influence in the world because of Republican leadership.

Republicans have earned the right to be beaten badly. I just hope America can survie the damage that has been done.

Oh Jesus Christ stop being such a fucking drama queen.

Tell me something, Shirley. Just where is it you think America is going if it doesn't "survive?" If we lose our liberties, it will be Obama who takes them away - not Republicans. Wrap that one around your tiny brain.

Wasn't it a Democrat who said "All we have to fear is fear itself?" You certainly give the lie to that one, huh?


Comment Posted By Larry On 10.10.2008 @ 12:04


I know this is off topic by why isn't the US News Media reporting about the Muslim Terrorist attack in India's capital yesterday?

Could it be that they are afraid that reporting on this would hurt Obama and help McCain?

Comment Posted By Larry On 13.09.2008 @ 16:34


Point 1: I agree with all you wrote. My favorite TV segments are the panel discussions on political topics, but these segments are typically limited to about two topics per program with three or four commentators sharing about six minutes per issue. Evidently more and/or extended panel discussions reduce ratings, which reflects the preferences of a general viewing (i.e. advertized-product-consuming) public. We're doing it to ourselves.

Point 2: I think your comments extend beyond the political campaigns. Politicians, especially the President, should address the public more often to explain their actions. In my view, one of the Bush's weaknesses was failure simply to talk to us. Despite his obvious discomfort before the camera, I thought he generally did well and was quite effective when he did appear. Did this failure to communicate reflect the secretive nature of the administration as his critics assert? Or, did it reflect the arrogance of distrust for a people who are incapable of understanding and discernment?

Comment Posted By Larry On 17.11.2007 @ 09:45


I do not believe Rosenman's story.

No legitimate investor would hand over $40 million to a company that had no address or any track record.

Of course, if the investor was a big supporter of Hillary (as Rosenman is) then he might be inclined to look the other way as he funneled $40 million to Hsu.

I would not give Hsu credit for being a sophisticated con man.

Comment Posted By Larry On 12.09.2007 @ 12:41


OK, writing to Fox News doesn't seem to be having any effect.

Have done more research and discovered this address at News Corp.

Also found that they accept anonymous reports and that the conduct by Geraldo is in violation of News Corp rules.

Comment Posted By Larry On 9.09.2007 @ 21:36

Growing up half a century ago there was a word used to refer to Puerto Ricans that ironically sounded like spit. Thanks to years and the USAF I haven't used or even thought of that word for close to 50 years. Geraldo or Gerry or whatever his name is has me thinking that maybe the name should be revived ... but on reflection I don't care to wallow in the gutters with the kos kids and their ilk.

I do want his head and have let appropriate folks at Fox know my feelings. He needs a long time out with the likes of Vick. If he worked in a corporation he would be history and perhaps even charged with assault and battery.

Comment Posted By Larry On 6.09.2007 @ 22:15



Thanks for weighing in. I also watched the BBC4 video and was impressed by some of the arguments presented there, particularly the claim that atmospheric CO2 concentrations actually lag global temperatures (however these are defined). I wonder if Al knows what a correlation function is?

I'm looking for arguments on both sides of the debate presented at a more technical level. I looked at the numberswatch website, but found only a list of "things affected by global warming." Where am I going wrong here?

Comment Posted By Larry On 22.03.2007 @ 15:14

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