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It is hard to read the circle jerks you rightwingjobs call disacussion forums, with a straight face.

The amount of delusion and desperation for a win saw you rightwingjobs make a massive mountain out of a molehill like the apparent Macbeth hoax. Which was not a hoax on you ninnies but was instead an atempted hoax upon us, the anti-war activists. Nor did we need any help from the deluded set in order to decide the thing was bull, since we tend to seek the facts as a group before setting course, we also rejected it within an hour or two. Without need for help from people who believe in forged Niger Yellowcake documents, fake Bin Laden Videos and claims of Iraqi WMD's.

Don't babble on like dingbats at me if you disagree, I'm not here. Google the story.

At any time over the past week apart from the rightwingjob sites there was NO real interest in it.

There was no acceptance of the video as anything more than a likely hoax after about an hour at most on any serious sites.

We did enjoy all the attention we got from rightwingjobs who came over looking to mock, and found only bemusement. It was and is always frustrating to try and communicate with people who cannot separate the concepts of opinion and facts or realise that it is the opinions which should be molded to the facts not the other way around.

Now however it will be interesting to watch the same ones busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest as they justify instead the next story of atrocity with the same old "bad things happen..", "a few bad apples only.."

How you clowns can go from "We would never do such a thing, that is why we ar better able to tell you what to do". to the "Well it was just a few bad apples and look how we deal honestly with it" to the final justifications and excuses of how "hard it is to always be the global policeman, the stress makes us do it, but so what everyone else does it to, we ar no beter than anyone else"

Denial to minimisation to justification. All in an unbroken course without a moment of pause or reflection, never once considering the possibility one may be erring.

The so called LEFT is something YOU define as all those who simply oppose the destructive, historically failing policies which are putting you in a position of justifying things you should know in your hearts are not things you should be trying to excuse or ignore.

As if that wasn't enough, you have the temerity to charge about and accuse this agglomerated left, which is not nor ever will be a cohesive group like you sheep, of being and doing all the very things which are the defining characteristics of the right.

We are not afraid of anybody, no terror here folks, unless it is of you.

We do not believe in hate or taking away freedoms or Totalitarian governments, that is your own preserve.

As for ignoring facts, history, common sense, reason or logic, these things too are for you normal fare.

I shall now move along and leave you cringing war mongering slaves of greed to prove me right after all.

Comment Posted By LowlyLeft On 29.05.2006 @ 02:54

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