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This is all well and good but, if'n y'all really want to terrorize and plunder o'er the whole of the coalition then you better get on the stick.

I've been assured by an emminent Xtian minion, er, Buybull Scholar on Yahoo Message Boards that the christian's god (Yeah Way I think his name is...) is due to lay the hammer down on the whole 'effin' planet come June 18th (which, incidenttally, means the wife n I should have a bitchin' fireworks display on that, our first anniversary!) Apparently this was prophecissicateed in someplace called Garabandalland way back 1917! (Check here for the official Response from Heaven for the veracity of this information.)

So gets yer rapin' and pillangin' in now ol' man. You only gots 'bout 2 weeks left to collect the plunder!

(This message was only partially approved by the Left portion of my brain. The Right side FORCED it through... L8)

Comment Posted By MBains On 7.06.2005 @ 04:54

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