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Kenneth, I am sorry but you are wrong about the statement if your father is a muslim then you are a muslim. That is a fallacy and speaks of ignorance. Now I am a christian but I know some things about Islam because in order to combat the radicals, you have to know them. A muslim man can marry a non-muslim woman and the children can be raised as the religion of their mothers. If this wasn't the case, then Obama would have a death warrant out on him for being an apostate.

These are the reasons why Americans are viewed as dumb by other countries because we make arrogant and erroneous statements. Always check your facts before making a statement and all it takes is to google the information.

The bigger issue about Obama is getting the message out that if he becomes successful at winning the presidency and removes the troops from Iraq, our country will suffer a defeat. What happens when one of our allies really needs our help but don't want us to come to their defense because they believe that we will run once the going gets tough. Also, we need to get the message out that his tax plan would hurt the lower classes when they need every penny they get. There are so many issues on why this man will not make a good president but using his name as an excuse is only fearmongering which is an issue that the republican party needs to overcome.

The democrats fatal flaw is that they think that if they get into office, they will be able to go to the European Union and get them to help us, and we all know that isn't going to happen. The EU has made a nasty bed because they imported cheap labor into their country and are now dealing with a huge amount of muslims in their country and are afraid of riots. Their desire for cheap labor has left a large contingent of potential enemies in their countries which has bound their hands.

Hmmm, I think we did the same thing also. We have millions of Hispanics here that were allowed to enter for cheap labor. Wonder what happens to us when they decide that they are fed up and want to riot. We are also making a huge mistake by allowing China and other countries to take away our labor markets, and leave us relying on them. We have made some terrible beds that we now must lie in. We need a president and a congress that will handle these issues of terrorism, immigration, and economic progress. I am named after a very famous Roman General born before the birth of Christ, and I can tell you with 100% confidence that I do not light incense and idol worship Jupiter, Saturn, Hera or any other false god. Forget what a person's name is, and concentrate on how to get this country back on track. That is the angle that the republican party needs to be shooting for instead of shooting themselves in the foot by trying to proclaim someone something their not.

Comment Posted By Mark from Ohio On 25.02.2008 @ 15:01

I am a Black American and a republican. I joined the republican party after doing some soul searching, and then looking at a picture of John Kerry and his wife and imagining them in the White House (I almost threw up). I also became a republican because I knew that the hatred of republicans that the democrats had placed in my heart was wrong. My decision was also based on the compassion and geninue feelings of Rep. Dave Hobson and Sen Mike Dewine who served our district and state with grace, honor, dignity, and a willingness to compromise. Our country is being ripped apart because democrats and republicans hate each other; if one says the sky is blue the other will say gray just in spite.

I am not very happy with the current political situation. I like Sen McCain because he has crossed the political divide so many times to compromise and work out a deal, I like Sen Clinton because of the prosperity of her husband (yes, I know that if it wasn't for the republicans working with him it wouldn't have occured), and respect Sen Obama for having the audacity to run for the presidency and do it will style, grace, and a message of unity for us all. I suspect I will vote for Sen McCain.

One thing that concerns me is that a lot of conservative republicans are so radical, that I am afraid that it would be a grave mistake to elect another republican at this time. They hate anyone that does not think like them 100%. I have read many conservative blogs and websites and if you replace democrat with christian, it at the least sounds like any Al Quaeda supporter in the Middle East, and at worst that Nancy Pelosi or Byrd (who I think hide under my bed every night to scare me).

The one thing that Americans need to remember is that the only way for us to continue to be the great country that we are, we must remain united. I know that democracy is for the benefit of the majority but we need to compromise. Whoever holds the majority in Congress cannot shove policies down the minoritys' throat because it only keeps the revolving door of antagonism, fear, and hatred of each other. All of us need to come together, and some people need to get off the pedastal they have placed themselves on and get back on the ground and work together with each other. It is the only way to ensure that we can pass on the legacy of the United States of America to our future generations.

I know my opinion doesn't count but I'm just saying.

Comment Posted By Mark from Ohio On 25.02.2008 @ 13:02

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