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You people writing that you want to hear more of Bill Clinton out there questioning the administration seem to begin from the premise that he was not president for eight years of attack after attack from Islamic extremists, rather he is some beacon of light descending from Mt. Monica to dispense wisdom and truth.

As for Olbermann, he is an unhinged personage and exhibits the tell-tale sign of insecurity - the inability to establish his own persona. At once he tries to channel Edward R. Murrow, his snarky, sarcastic ESPN anchorman image, host of "Talk Soup" and constitutional law co-expert with the fatuous Jonathan Turley (by the way, is Turley the only constitutional lawyer in the United States? One would think so by watching Olbermann's program).

And as for watching Olbermann's program, one does so every now and then to see what is being said. The same cannot be said for most everyone who criticizes Fox News Channel. Chris Wallace is no friend of President Bush, and the same can be said for Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, and the scores of other leftist journos and politicos that appear on FNC with regularity. It would help those of you so quick to criticize FNC to actually, you know, watch the network before commenting.

Comment Posted By Matt May On 27.09.2006 @ 12:17

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