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I'm kinda with Thomas. It ain't over 'til it's over. I know it looks like Obama is going to win, but I'm showing up to vote, and I'm voting for McNugget. It's not a matter of disbelieving the polls, I just don't worship them. I think they could be off, or things could change. Exit polls, which should have been the most accurate because they were after the fact, were off significantly in 2004. Polling is an imperfect science, and possibly more so in contentious races. The reason everyone thought Dewey was going to beat Truman was that it looked like a lock, and pollsters pretty much stopped polling two weeks before the election. Things change.

I am not hopeful that McCain will win. I think it's a longshot. But longshots come to fruition, and I certainly don't see Obama as the guaranteed winner (indeed, his very inevitability may not serve his needs regarding turnout on election day).

But, it looks like Obama is going to take it. Historically, the incumbent party has never won in these sorts of circumstances. Which bodes ill for McCain. But I'd bet good money he's going to win my state (Tennessee). And I'm still gonna show up and vote for him.

BTW, in regards to what is the point to winning if we're going to be called racist--fear of smears is not a good basis to vote on. You're going to get called a racist, anyway, whether Obama wins or loses. You gotta face that. Even if you vote for him, if you don't go along with every issue or have problems with the Obama presidency, you will be a racist. Disagreeing with his policies will be defacto racism. If "socialist" has become a racist code word for "black", expect accusations of racism to become more common, not less, with an Obama victory.

It is not my intention to supress people's desire to vote. But we're all adults here and you should want to vote at the very least because it is your civic duty to do so. It is our most precious right and to not exercise it because you think you guy is going to lose is childish. Same thing if you intend to stay home and "punish" Republicans.

Can't help but thinking of all the men who have died to guarantee I have the right to vote. That gets me everytime - even when I am lukewarm at best about the candidate.


Comment Posted By Mr. Medical On 29.10.2008 @ 17:23


Common sense should just tell somebody that some of the "angry mob" are Democrat plants. Any folks hurling racial epithets or shouting "kill him" may be overzealous Republicans but, more likely, they are Democrat plants saving their ammo for a convenient sound bite.

Given the MSM narrative on these stories, the Democrats have a vested interest in perpetuating the "Republicans are angry, racist, and violent" meme, and so why wouldn't they put some plants at some McCain rallies to provid their allies in the MSM with convenient sound bites?

Comment Posted By Mr. Medical On 11.10.2008 @ 09:10

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