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What a bunch of disillusioned and angry lunatics have come out of the woodwork!

A little projection going on here, eh? After all - Democrats are the ones into assassination chic, gang rape of Sarah Palin, and other fine examples of intellectual acumen and tolerance.

Surabaya sounds he cannot wait to let his inner Hitler run amok.

Comment Posted By Mwalimu Daudi On 14.10.2008 @ 17:13


Failing to properly worship He Whose Middle Name Must Not Be Mentioned is a good way to incur His wrath.

Get wise.

Comment Posted By Mwalimu Daudi On 14.10.2008 @ 09:53

I think that both Rick and the gentleman who wrote the email sent to Glenn Reynolds have missed a fundamental point. Both are operating from the same premise that American civil liberties will be relatively unchanged during an Obama presidency. But what if they are wrong, and freedom of speech is basically outlawed? Opposing the Chosen One could be dangerous under those circumstances.

The Democrat-controlled Congress has promised to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine, which is nothing more than an effort to censor conservative talk radio. Some Democrats have even talked of extending the Fairness Doctrine into the Internet. There is building pressure to put Bush and other officials in his administration on trial for "war crimes" (or "racism"). The Obama campaign has attempted to bully the FEC and stations that carry anti-Obama ads. Democrat officeholders in Missouri have promised to go after individuals and groups "who tell lies about Obama" (is this America or the Soviet Union? Did we actually lose the Cold War?). Obama, who sees racists under every bed, has urged supporters to "get into peoples' faces". All of these tactics will multiply exponentially after November, since Democrats will interpret the results as a blank check on power.

And who will stop them after January 20, 2009? The MSM? They invented the Chosen One and they share His goal of one-party fascism. The GOP? They are too busy whimpering in fear that Katie Couric or Charlie Gibson will not let them hang out with the cool kids anymore. The courts? You mean our fate is in the hands of folks like Anthony Kennedy? Are you scared yet? The voters? Not after ACORN works our election system over!

Comment Posted By Mwalimu Daudi On 14.10.2008 @ 09:45



You have more faith in the media than I do. When Slick Willie became President he fired all of the US attorneys - without a peep of protest from the MSM. The same collective yawn will happen if the Chosen One starts running the US Government as His personal property.

I don't know who Kass, Sweet, and Zorn are, but judging by the cheerleader journalism that is the defining characteristic of modern media I will wager that they constitute a very tiny minority. The vast majority of their colleagues are so far in the tank for the Messiah they may as well have the Seal of Obama tattooed on their foreheads. I have no reason to believe that the media will suddenly become honest and trustworthy after November.

The only thing that could cause the MSM to turn against the Messiah is if (a) He becomes such a liability for Democrats that not even 24/7 flacking can save Democrats, or (b) a newer, sexier Messiah comes along. Ask Hilly the Hun about (b), as she used to be Ms. Inevitability and was worshipped by the media.

As for the Next Messiah – is there a Hispanic lesbian Muslim somewhere in America? She stands an excellent chance of becoming the 45th President!

Comment Posted By Mwalimu Daudi On 11.10.2008 @ 14:40


If Fitzgerald is dumb enough to investigate the Messiah's crooked dealings, he will get booted. And the Chicago press (not to mention the rest of the MSM) will cheer the firing. Bank on it.

The investigative press - Kass, Sweet, et al - would not cheer, I think. The Eric Zorns no doubt would raise a glass to Fitzy's demise. And after the stink made by the Democrats over the firing of a couple of prosecutors who were investigating Republicans, even the national media might have to raise an eyebrow if Obama started off his administration by firing a guy investigating a crony.


Comment Posted By Mwalimu Daudi On 11.10.2008 @ 14:06


If there would be one bright spot to having the Messiah in the Oval Office, it is the fact that He would do to the so-called civil rights lobby what the pants-down Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton did to radical feminists. Is there a political group that took a harder political hit than NOW did with its mindless 24/7 defense of Hilly the Hun's husband? One longs for the NAACP and others in what is arguably Washington's meanset and dirtiest lobby to take a similar political tumble.

Comment Posted By Mwalimu Daudi On 4.08.2008 @ 16:53

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