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In the parlance of the "eggheads" that "The Donald" often refers to,"Multi-Media Interactive Experience" is a pretty way of saying "Multi-Million Dollar Carney Chamber of Horrors,(with the U$ as the starring monster)".

Freedom, Orwell would be proud of the way they keep repeating that "F" word in their Dilbert-esque"mission statements", seeking to convince the masses that if they aren't with them, then they are against "freedom"(just as anybody opposing "progressives" must be against progress.)

The Activist Left is every bit as deluded and ignorant as the craziest religious types. They actually believe that Shiite style public self-flagellation and bloodletting will somehow prevent another 9-11,in the same way a demented Hillbilly thinks that his faith will protect him from snake bite.

At least the snake handler only endangers himself.

Comment Posted By Narwhal On 10.06.2005 @ 12:11


The only thing that will earn us the respect of, and therefore peace from the moslem world is bravery.

If we don’t build an => pair of towers, we’re going to end up having to build a whole new NEW YORK CITY. Mark my words.

Comment Posted By Narwhal On 8.06.2005 @ 10:40

Saw that one coming a mile away! As soon as that hideous Liebeskind plan was rammed through,with it's central "Museum of American Culture"

I know all too well who the arbiters of culture are, especially in the major cities, and how they would try to seize this opportunity to create "The Museum of Underlying Causes", dedicated to proving that Americans are nothing but land grabbing,slave flogging,atom bombing, baby killers who deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth in the name of "social justice"

Fortunately, if New Yorkers had any real enthusiasm for this POS project, It would already be halfway finished by now. Something tells me that Manhattanites are more sensible than those who claim to represent them.

Comment Posted By Narwhal On 7.06.2005 @ 13:31

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