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" The economy “works” when people like you stop thinking you can control it to suit your own ends."


"Show me where I say the free market should be “unfettered?”"


So the economy should be fettered, but not by "people like me" (whatever that means--possibly people who know how to spell clicheed?).

Comment Posted By Nick On 15.09.2009 @ 15:12

"Learn how to spell “cliche” - then get back to me."

Definition of Clicheed

1. filled with cliches [adj]

There you go. It's a step down from sarcasm to spell checking, when trying to make your point. Especially when you get the spell checking wrong.

Comment Posted By Nick On 15.09.2009 @ 15:07

"The shameless pandering by Democrats to racial minorites is even more nauseating than the racism you so decry."

You think it's worse to pander to the downtrodden than to contribute to the piling on, vis-a-vis the Southern Strategy?

Why do you think blacks disagree in such a high proportion? You think they don't know what is is their best interest? Or do you think they are so greedy that they will sacrifice their long term interests--and that of their children--for a little welfare money?

And your answer on the economy is that it works best when the invisible hand of the free market is allowed unfettered sway?

Well that worked so well that after 8 years Hank Paulson, lefty extraordinaire--told Bush they had 2 days before the banking system collapsed--and BTW, give me $700 billion to spend to prop up your free market.

Anybody who thinks markets don't need to be regulated hasn't been paying attention. And anybody who thinks that we need to wring out every last cent of economic performance through free market efficiency--and damn social welfare--has no understanding of the purpose of politics.

As for the "so tolerant, so fair-minded" schtick--is that the best critique you have, that you rest your argument on a clicheed bit of sarcasm?

Show me where I say the free market should be "unfettered?" Only kept out of the hands of levelers like you.

Learn how to spell "cliche" - then get back to me.


Comment Posted By Nick On 15.09.2009 @ 14:46

"[A]man perhaps even more incompetent–and certainly less capable...."

By what possible measure can you claim that Obama is more incompetent and less capable than Bush?

An editor of the Harvard Law Review compared to a guy who couldn't get into law school in Texas. A college basketball player compared to a cheerleader. A sitting senator compared to a man who failed at his bid at Congress, and who governed a state wherein the governor is largely a figurehead? A lawyer and law professor compared to an MBA who doesn't understand finance or economics?

By what possible measure could you claim that Bush is more competent and capable than Obama? Capable at what?

Comment Posted By Nick On 15.09.2009 @ 14:32

"You will get no argument from me. Reagan had a cow over Carter’s $100 million deficit and then tripled down on that. Bush 41 was doing fairly well until the recession. And Bush 43 never gave a damn."

Then why do you support the political right? Is it anti-abortion? You don't want evolution taught in schools? You think that labor unions will lead to a communist uprising?

Are you going to tell us that you understand economics well enough to attribute the economic successes and failures to parties and legislation? If so, then you must be a very rich man from capitalizing on that understanding. Let's be honest--very few people currently working in finance and economics saw the current collapse. Hence they didn't understand some fundamentals ; hence they really have a poor understanding of how economies work--and they're the experts!

So what is it that has you supporting the right wing?

I vote Democrat because I think religious fundamentalists don't understand how the world works; because I think the antipathy towards blacks, gays, and Mexicans by the Republican base is contrary to our national ethos; and because I think that the economy will work if more people are buying bread than yachts.

Jesus. Should I take off my shoes? Am I in the presence of a fucking holy man here?

What a noble jackass you are. Your understanding of "the right" is childlike. The economy "works" when people like you stop thinking you can control it to suit your own ends. This would put you in the same boat as the fundies since you have no clue how the world works either. As far as racism, look in your own heart first, oh noble and tolerant one. The shameless pandering by Democrats to racial minorites is even more nauseating than the racism you so decry.

I note that you say I am of the "right" while you are but a humble "Democrat" - so tolerant, so fair minded, so much beyond the fundies in sophistication and understanding -

So full of shit.


Comment Posted By Nick On 15.09.2009 @ 14:11


Just because England and Canada have some problems with their systems, does that mean we shouldn't do it and IMPROVE or FIX those problems? Whats wrong with taking the basic premise and making it better?.... I think Americans can figure out how. This crap about having a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor is nothing but BULLSHIT!!! I repeat, BULLSHIT......I'll take govt waste over corporate greed anytime..... I'd rather have that govt agent between me and my doctor instead of the corporate CEO worrying about his $20 million "package" for making decisions that make him more money at the expense of people's it happens now.

Comment Posted By Nick On 18.07.2009 @ 08:33

I don't think any sensible person on either side thinks we can come up with a PERFECT plan right away but we ALL know our current system is unsustainable. Does anyone really think a FOR-PROFIT industry is going to agree to make less money anytime soon.....voluntarily? I think I'd rather go with government waste instead of corporate greed (like our current economic mess)(how much gov't waste would it take to match the dollars lost to corporate greed recently?).

In England, the national health system provides a safety net which makes routine healthcare VERY available to everyone without any delays..... yes, some specialties can get delayed..... but its not that different here if you HAVE insurance and those that don't have insurance (many millions)don't even get the option of waiting. Also, in the English system you can purchase additional affordable private coverage that makes specialists more quickly available. My relatives that live there say it isn't perfect by any means but it is better than what ALOT of Americans have. Maybe I should take Sen. Grassley's advice and get a government job....and deal with being called a lazy, useless, inefficient maggot by the rightwingers because I work for the government.

Now imagine if American companies didn't have to pay/provide health insurance to their employees.....what could they do with all that extra money? How about some pay raises, expansion, more jobs, and even less paperwork. We'd probably have to repeal the "death tax" or include capital gains taxcuts to get any support from conservatives.

Comment Posted By Nick On 17.07.2009 @ 14:36

Ad hominems? I'll give you ad hominems if you want but I have a question for you "Travis"...... I'm 62, just got laid off, no jobs available here, have had open heart surgery recently (cost: $247,000), and my insurance/COBRA runs out soon.....the GOP plan gives me a $3000 credit to buy my own insurance....... could you (or Rick) provide me with a list of the companies that will give me insurance?

No one is saying reforms aren't absolutely necessary. And no one is saying that only market driven solutions should be tried - at least I'm not.

In cases like yours, the GOP plan establishes insurance pools in the states where people with pre-existing conditions can get insurance. And I think everyone realized that the tax credit wasn't big enough, although the market solutions to bringing costs down have a helluva lot better chance at succeeding than cuts in Medicare which the CBO chief said yesterday weren't good enough by far. Costs come down, premiums come down - even idiot liberals recognize that.

The virulence of the attacks suggest to me that most of you know damn well that the point of this bill is to get to single payer health insurance - Waxman has said as much and its no use trying to obfuscate it by being insulting or trying to kill the messenger. When Ezra Klein actually goes out of his way to define parameters for comments by throwing up smoke screens that basically say "OK, buddy. How ya gonna fix this without spending money?" He doesn't dispute the CBO report - he ignores it - just like all of you are doing.

And the plain English translation of the bill is simple and straight forward. You cannot switch out your insurance. If you are unhappy with your policy, you either stick with it or go to the public option. No looking around for a better private insurance policy. You are forbidden free choice and forced onto the health insurance plantation.

There's not getting around that. No grandfather or grandmother clause. No ifs ands or buts.

We welcome our new insurance overlords.


Comment Posted By Nick On 17.07.2009 @ 13:26

I used to think Rick was smarter and more sensible than the hoopleheads that worship Malkin and Beck but apparently not. Whats next Rick? Gonna jump on the "birthers" wagon?

Comment Posted By Nick On 17.07.2009 @ 12:43


The right always says "now is not the time to point fingers"..... if not now.....then when??? When, not if, some dittohead or beckhead or liddyhead or hannityhead trys to kill Obama? You know they're planning the attempt right now. Somewhere in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee...maybe Indiana (the original KKK state) or another "heartland state with good traditional family values".....there must be some "good American" who listens to Rush/Beck/Hannity thats going to believe 100% of their rhetoric and try to "save America" from the n*ggers, sp*cs, m*slims, socialists, fascists, communists..... oh yeah, and some doctors!!!

When the crazy right does something, its an isolated incident.....when a crazy from the left does something its a sympton of their moral depravity and non-existent values...

Lets hope the Colters, Malkins, Becks, etc drown in their tears of joy.
Yes, Rick, I'm a partisan hack but I don't kill people I disagree with.

Comment Posted By Nick On 1.06.2009 @ 09:13

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