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Palin is like a hurricane - you never know where she's going to land next, and she leaves a path of destruction. Unfortunately, I believe she's going to end up doing more harm to the GOP than to Obama and the democrats - at a time when we have a real chance to make some gains. She scares the hell out of independents. Heck, she scares the hell out of me.

It seems to me that cooler heads in the GOP wish to marginalize her, but of course they can't. In the end, she has a real shot to become the nominee, and even if she doesn't make it that far, or chooses not to run, the eventual nominee is going to find if very difficult to get any attention at all.

The GOP needs to get real about Palin - and real fast.

Comment Posted By Pam On 9.02.2010 @ 09:53


You must be the lone sane person over at AT. (Even my fav James Lewis has succumbed to Palin-Mania.)

For the life of me, I don't get it.

Endorsing Hoffman didn't cost Palin anything - it was not courageous. She relented to the pressure, and the prayer circles calling for her to endorse. What did she have to lose? It appears that she may have acted too hastily, and Pawlenty as well.

Hoffman is turning out to be a dud, not much better than Dede. There might be a reason they had to go with Dede. This should have remained a local issue, and Hoffman should have waited for the primary next year.

Now the left gets to talk about the GOP implosion. Romney was exactly right to stay out of it.

Comment Posted By Pam On 30.10.2009 @ 04:57


There are people who don't want to be seen as "busybody" or "nanny-ish", so they justify their villification of smokers with the health-care argument. (Like the apparently perpetually pissed-off lionheart, who might want to consider a smooth Scotch and a cigar.)

My problem with this attitude in general is that it puts everybody in some kind of pseudo-karmic debit column.

How do I know all of the effects a person will wield in their life? Net positive? Net negative? For me, or someone else? How can I possibly know this?

I can tell you this. If some lefty, pissed-off, chain-smoking person happened to be near by and, by the vagaries of chance, did something like save my kid's life, what would I do? Bitch about his/her politics? Crab about their smoking? I think, rather, I'd be kissing that person's feet.

Comment Posted By Pam On 4.04.2009 @ 20:03


The reason he has SS protection this early is because Dick Durbin heard of threats that the FBI and SS hadn't. Obama is under no greater risk than any other politician.

Comment Posted By Pam On 25.02.2008 @ 11:43


Who sponsored the trip that Obama took and was photographed during? Why was he there?

As for this: "There have also been rumors of a deal between Odinga and the small Islamist party in Kenya that he would, if elected, establish Sharia law – a dubious proposition and almost certainly a lie that has been picked up by some conservatives in this country and passed off as the truth"

Did you think that because you declared it a lie, suddenly it is?

Comment Posted By Pam On 25.02.2008 @ 11:51


I'm the same age as the Obamas. For all my life, watching the news was about Vietnam, Watergate, Nixon resigning, Reagan and his trickle down economics that never made it to the lower or middle middle class, elder Bush and his war and stopping at the gates of Baghdad and sending our troops home feeling like they did half a job, Clinton and his sex excapades, and now W and his fictional WMDs turning into democracy for the Middle East turning into a surge that is really supported by a religious leader in Iraq determining if a cease fire will continue. Frankly, the only thing I was proud of during those years was the moon landing. I have been extremely cynical and have been saying for years that our founding fathers would not recognize the country they fought so hard to bring forth. No, I don't see why there is such a flap over what Mrs. Obama said. She is in the same mindset as I and my friends who grew up in the 70s and 80s watching our country become so much less than it was during the years our parents grew up. I love my country and come from a family who has served in the military going back to the Battle of Gettysburg. Because I am cynical doesn't mean I am unpatriotic. It means I am realistic. My life is no better than it was 30 years ago and if anything I struggle more each day with the rising cost of everything. Spare me the if you're not with us you're against us. McCain isn't the only patriot in the race. And Obama isn't unpatriotic. They're of different generations and have different outlooks. It's a different way of expressing ourselves compared to people over 60. And I thank God that Obama has engaged our younger generation. For the first time, I too have hope for this country. We need our younger people engaged in order to have a viable future. If that's the only thing Obama accomplishes by his candidacy, then it was well worth the sacrifice.

Comment Posted By Pam On 25.02.2008 @ 08:37


I know it hurts and words don't always help to comfort, but for what it is worth, I am so very sorry. I lost my dog after 16 years a few years back and never thought I'd get over it. They are truly the best friends one could have.

Comment Posted By Pam On 26.12.2007 @ 10:43

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