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"My interpretation relied upon the timing of the piece, the way it deviated from Pat’s prior take on Obama (“pond scum”—but suddenly “good” pond scum), my belief that Patterico is too smart to conflate promises with actions, and my feeling that the piece was written with a political purpose in mind, namely, to pointedly distance itself from the kinds of posts written after the 2004 elections.

"I thought the piece was considered in advance should Obama win."

It wasn't.

As I have said many times.

Fact is, I haven't had the time to premeditate that kind of action lately. I've been a little busy.

When someone tells you that flat-out, and you continue to assert it, I start thinking you're acting like a dick. You don't want to accept something I tell you flat-out, time and time again, then fine. Then you're calling me a liar.

I think I'm capable of "interpreting" that. And I'll guide my future actions accordingly.

Comment Posted By Patterico On 10.11.2008 @ 23:01

Rick, you say:

"And Frey is wrong in intimating that Goldstein was condemning groups of people for what they believed. In fact, it is something of a mystery where he got that idea from Jeff’s response to his original post."

In fact, it is something of a mystery where *you* got *that* idea, given that you make this accusation directly on the heels of a blockquote in which I explicitly say the opposite:

"I’m not talking about Jeff here; I think he’s too smart to demonize all Democrats. But I believe some folks out there are demonizing people for their beliefs."

Actually, it's not such a mystery where you got the idea -- you got it from Jeff, who claimed: "Patterico accused me of 'demonizing' all Democrats, which is patently absurd."

Indeed -- but I don't believe I did that, Jeff's claim notwithstanding. If anyone thinks otherwise, show me the quote. I can't find it. All I can find is the one where I said the opposite.

Jeff, I think, took as an attack on him some comments that I was addressing to other people.

Comment Posted By Patterico On 8.11.2008 @ 16:16


Thanks for the link to the story about the Bat Boy/Carville connection.

Comment Posted By Patterico On 21.06.2006 @ 01:31


What about my question?

Comment Posted By Patterico On 28.05.2006 @ 12:20

Is the investigation still ongoing? I understand that the decision whether to charge people may not have been made, but from what I have been reading in the LAT (not the most reliable source, I agree), the report has already been completed. Is that wrong?

Comment Posted By Patterico On 28.05.2006 @ 02:22


Nicely done. I think you and Bill Ardolino have done very well with this issue. I think John Cole's performance is described well in your post.

Comment Posted By Patterico On 16.06.2005 @ 12:41

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