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The only two people on your list who matter at all to the audience in terms of providing a season-ending shock with their death are Jack and Chloe. Taking out Buchanan would be a mild surpise but I don't see much emotional attachment to his character among the show's viewers. Everyone else is pretty much taking up space. So I concur with your thought that Chloe goes down tonight if anyone dies at all.

As for the status of the show itself, they should've pulled the plug on it at the end of last season. The final scene of Season 5 with Jack on the slow boat to China would have been an appropriate tragic ending to the saga of Jack Bauer with him giving all that he had for the defense of his country only to end up in some godforsaken Chinese prison and leaving the viewer to wonder what would ever become of Jack Bauer. It could also have set up the potential for a terrific movie with full production values (instead of a model helicopter hanging from a rooftop). Overall, this season just seemed like everyone was going through the motions. The villains were pedantic and uninspired and the new cast could not connect on the same level as Tony, Edgar, David Palmer, et al. They simply cannot do the same thing anymore. I think it would be cool if they did a prequel that looked at Bauer's military service in a way that explored the character to reveal the first hints of what he would later become.

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FYI, Andrew Sullivan is no longer with Time magazine. He has moved over to The Atlantic.

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I pinpoint the beginning of Jack's initial descent into this much darker character when he killed Nina in cold blood in Season 3 (one could argue that Jack crossed this line when he wacked the child murderer in CTU in the first episode of Season 2 and had that memorable exchange with George Mason about what was required to accomplish the mission. I realize that this did have an objective purpose but the automatic, unemotional way he went about was, to me, a portent of what was to come). Of course, in the time up to and including Season 4, the writers gave him Audrey who provided a glimmer of hope for resuming something of a normal life. However, I agree with you that now it appears that he has abandoned all hope for a "normal" life and will now be free of whatever restraints were left within him (He did shoot Henderson's wife in the leg). It should be a fascinating season.

What's remarkable is how all this has come to pass because of the 24 creators' decision to kill off Teri at the end of Season 1. In relation to Jack, that is the defining event that has shaped everything else. If the show had taken the more conventional "everybody lives happily ever after" approach at that critical point, I wonder if it would even still be on the air because it likely would have become too formulaic to survive.

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24 TILL "24"

This excellent fifth season of 24 has nevertheless featured many re-hashed and repeated plot twists from the previous four. And I believe the show will end with a plot twist taken from the end of season 2 where Palmer was hit by hot assassin Mandy and viewers were left wondering if he would die or live on. I predict the writers will do the same with the end of this season, only this time with Jack. We know that Baldy and Logan have already set in motion their action against Jack. In the final scene, as Jack is reunited with Audrey at CTU and they talk about beginning a new life together, Jack is hit by a single shot and crumples to the floor. Pandemonium ensues, the very familiar CTU alarm reverberates, Audrey screams as she cradles Jack in her arms and CTU medical frantically tries to save him....fade to black and the Silent Clock appears which has always meant certain death, but does it this time?

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