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It's time the world would rid itself of psychopaths such as the Iranian leaders and other trouble makers. The recent events shed a very clear light on the Middle Eastern picture, Those UN officials, who care to confuse wolfs with lambs, should consider a different job or take some lessons of how to keep your back straight so they can see the real picture and talk out of their mouth (as appose to alternate ways) and stop ridicule their highly regarded position.
No Peace will come about with a G8 that is reluctant to take a strong stand against Iranian leadership who at one sentence denies the Holocaust ever happened and in the second, compares the Israeli administration to the Nazi regime….. Which is it Ayatollah….? I am getting confused…. Or is it time for your kind to be taken down from the stage.
This is a rare opportunity for The US, EU, and Russia to finally turn on the hit on their lukewarm unified positions because I’m under the impression extremists only speak and understand their own language, correct me if I am wrong.

Comment Posted By Peace On 18.07.2006 @ 10:18

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