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"Sure, the public school system is indoctrinating our kids every day. So what do we do? Get involved and make sure they are teaching the truth about our constitution. Truth will ultimately overcome indoctrination."


If we are assigned to the same work camp, and if we are assigned to work somewhere we can speak without being overheard by the guards, I am sure that I will enjoy discussing the Truth and the Constitution with you.

Comment Posted By Punditarian On 14.10.2008 @ 09:27

I agree with those who are concerned that ACORN has registered over one million fraudulent "voters." If Obama is elected by fewer than one million votes, he will not be the legally and legitimately elected President of the United States. What we will have witnessed is a bloodless coup d'etat by the far left. That will soon be apparent as the fairness doctrine is used to rape the First Amendment and silence conservative talk radio, as the Second Amendment is raped to disarm the law-abiding population, as the State Department aligns itself with the Islamists and leftists to crush the nascent Iraqi democracy, as the Administration joins the EU in condemning Israel to the dogs of terrorist war, as the tax code is used in an openly redistributionist manner to provide hand-outs and "reparations" to the loyal supporters of the regime, as "undocumented Americans" are given the right to vote in State & local elections, and as polyamorous multiple-marriages even including horses and dogs are accepted by the courts. But by the time most Americans wake up, it will be too late. Their own children will be informing on them in the name of "green" and "multicultural" imperatives. Any criticism of the Administration will be unlawful and unprotected racist hate-speech under university-style "fair speech" codes that will be adopted by the Pelosi-Reid Congress. And when hundreds of thousands of small businesses collapse, the inability of the American consumer to prop up the Chinese economy will result in massive unrest across Asia and unleash a nuclear war between China & Taiwan. Then, when the US economy does collapse into a severe depression, the Administration's response to greater than 25% unemployment will be mandatory labor camps. See you in the goldfields, brothers.

Comment Posted By Punditarian On 14.10.2008 @ 08:43



Your excellent response to Professor Bell's nonsense deserves to be widely read. I think you are spot on regarding the significance of the focus on the "20 million Soviet dead." That surely marks Professor Bell as a hard core leftist. As William Blake once said, "Who comes from the kitchen smells of its smoke; who adheres to a sect has something of its cant:the college-air pursues the student, and dry inhumanity him who herds with literary pedants." Professor Bell clearly is imbued with Marxist-Leninist cant.

Although I arrived at conclusions similar to yours, here:,
I forgot to add an important point:

the "20 million Soviet dead" figure is folklore and can not be documented or substantiated. Moreover, it is impossible to know how many among the millions of Soviet citizens killed during the WW2 period were killed by the Germans and how many of them were killed by Stalin.

Your other point, that Stalin's strategic decision to help Hitler undoubtedly helped enable Germany's attack on Soviet Russia, is certainly well taken. The earlier we act to confront and eradicate an implacable enemy who seeks our destruction, the better off we will be. We had already delayed too long by September Eleventh.

Comment Posted By Punditarian On 29.01.2007 @ 21:24

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