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You are right on target, Rick.

There is no doubt he is a clown, but an entertainer? Unless you think of his audience as those who think of Oprah as an icon.

Olberman rants, instead of thinking. He moans and groans, instead of reflecting. He almost reminds me of a a child with ADD trapped in a grown man's body. Would Ritalin perhaps help?

Just study the contrast in the writings of Murrow and Blabber man highlighted here, and one can see how preposterous it is to compare the two. The fact is Blabberman thrives on nothing but his big mouth, with no cerebral feedback, while Murrow writes not only with grace and intelligence, but with a civility that most liberals have lost.

Am so glad Rick had the guts to expose this phony. It's no wonder MSNBC is always at the bottom of the ratings. Time to kick hard his butt.

Comment Posted By RGL On 24.09.2007 @ 17:53


Who does Calderon think he is to criticize our immigration policies? He ought to stay home, clean his government of all that corruption, and provide opportunities for his citizens instead of dumping them here. It's strange his government's immigration policies against Central and South Americans are much more stringent than ours. Another hypocrite? You bet he is.

If Mexicans think there is a Mexico, let us deport all those who came here illegally back to Calderon. We cannot afford to be a dumping ground for those undesirables.

Comment Posted By RGL On 3.09.2007 @ 15:36

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