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Hi Busboy...for you, one of my favorite old Irish sayings:

"ligean dó gáire a Bhuaigh" (Let him laugh who wins)

And speaking of laughing, you think that the 2008 campaign was tough on Prez Zero? With John McCain running? Puh-leeze

In fact, Obama's never faced any real opposition..and now your favorite neo-Marxist'sactually got a record to run against.

The pre-edit versions of the Couric and Gibson interviews exist ( John Zeiger among other has shown them)and yes, they were deliberately cut to make Governor Palin look like an idiot.

And AJ, thank you for taking some of these people to task. This ain't the Daily Dish last time I checked although there are apparently some here who agree with the trig birther and anti-Semite conspiracy theorist who writes it.


Comment Posted By Rob Miller On 16.11.2009 @ 22:11

This is definitely good for a few chuckles,people.

Did it ever occur to any of you to think aboutwhy the Left is so batshit scared of Sarah Palin that they reacted the way they have?

If they weren't petrified that she had tapped into some energy that was a threat to their power, do you think they would bother?

A few other another poster on this here wall, I had the opportunity to meet Governor Palin before she went national, and she is so far from the cartoon character portrayed in the dinosaur media that it's laughable.

In short, she struck me a bright without being wonkish, very on top of things and with a natural ability to communicate without being at all full of herself.

Oh, and those polls showing how much Republicans dislike her? Umm guess again.

I grant you, there are a lot of establishment type Republicans who bought the narrative on Palin and dislike her in favor of more Beltway/Ivy league types.

They felt that way about Reagan too.

Where her strength lies is in independents like me who are fed up with the GOP establishment and want someone we can be for instead of the pallid choice we had last year.

The smartest thing she ever did was to show some daylight between herself and the Republican apparatchniks.

I don't know if she plans to run in 2012, and it's a long way off, but as of now I'd say that if she does there's no doubt in my mind that she will beat the Chi-town neo-Marxist like a gong.


Comment Posted By Rob Miller On 16.11.2009 @ 15:08

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