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24 TILL "24"

Jack will kill Henderson: "I'm sorry to have to do this, Christopher. You've left me no choice.

Miles will intercept a message from Aaron intended for Martha. He will present it to President Logan. The note, which will contain a rendezvous point for Martha, Aaron and Mike Novik (!), alerts the president to the coup in his midst and he will agonize over how and whether to kill whom, and whether to share his information with Mr. Big. Just after receiving the note, he will see Novik speaking in low tones with the Vice President.

Audrey's Dad will make his way to the submarine to help Jack, and Audrey will also insist upon making her way to the scene. She may get caught in cross fire, or she may go into the sub w/Jack without a gas mask -- and die.

Jack will have a dramatic water scene in which he breaks into the submarine, reseals a hatch just seconds before water would have poured in, and proves once again that he can hold his breath for a heroic length of time.

How are Bierko and Mr. Big connected, though? Are they?

Comment Posted By Robin Stevens On 22.05.2006 @ 06:59

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