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And let me guess Mrmontes... your idea of humor is the Half Hour News Hour on Fox. Starring, naturally, Ann, Rush & Drudge. Nothing like "keeping it fresh" doncha know.

Check out Steve Graham for several posts on Ann and the new Surnow "comedy" show. Here's one piece that lambastes both, and it is genuinely funny:

The Undead
GOP's Lost Weekend Continues

Comment Posted By SallyVee On 4.03.2007 @ 10:14

Rick, great letter. It won't do any good though. I've sent FoxNews many similar letters about repeatedly featuring people like Coulter, Malkin (whom the network has now rewarded with a co-show), Simcox the MinutePerson, that Mad Mother against Illegals, Tony Perkins, et al. The main point I always make is how much it grieves and upsets me that these "conservatives" claim to speak for me. Which they most certainly do NOT. Fox has never one time responded to me.

This is what I mean when I say the conservative brand has been ruined... on the Left, the CNNs and alphabet nets LOVE to feature our shrieking freaks for obvious reasons. On the right, Fox has apparently decided to make common cause with the loudest, most "controversial" wingnuts -- all the media-whoring demagogues who are usually selling books and pimping for donations.

So moderate, sane, rational people have very little representation on the airwaves. Talk radio is nearly shot too, in case you haven't tuned in recently.

As for your previous comment about the Left's fake outrage, yeah of course you're right. I just don't care about the Left, and I always expect the worst from their lunatics. What I DO care about is the Right's image and my conclusion is, we're in deep kimchee. Our loons seem to be competing with their loons -- and it's a neck in neck race to the bottom.

Comment Posted By SallyVee On 4.03.2007 @ 08:42

You nailed it Rick. The only thing worse than Ann's intentional foul is the mock outrage coming from other Right wingnuts practicing institutional hate against other groups -- as Crazy Uncle Andy points out. Between Viguerie's "mission from God" and Tancredo's Vegas routine, plus speeches from fraudsters Chris Simcox and William Greene, the CPAC lunatic fringe has destroyed the "conservative" brand. In a way I'm actually glad Ann C took her predictable nose dive. It helps to seal my own observations and decisions reached over the last two years.

Recently I heard Michael Medved make an interesting remark on the radio... he is very concerned about the state of the conservative movement, as embodied by loudmouth jerks with microphones... he said: 'this next all-important election may come down to which party can best control its lunatic fringe.' I think that is sadly true.

Comment Posted By SallyVee On 3.03.2007 @ 10:07


Yeah, that familiar warning about the SPLC kept me miles away from anything it published for a long time. But one name in particular had me stumped and very, very curious, and I kept running into a reference to the same exposé by the SPLC. One day I read it, then read a number of other articles. I have found the info from SPLC fair, well documented and unassailable. I've been on their immigration e-newsletter list for months. I'd never expect to agree with 100% of the views expressed, just as I certainly don't agree with all the self labeled "conservatives" claiming to speak for me.

Comment Posted By SallyVee On 13.02.2007 @ 19:55

"Why is that Rick can decry the bigotry from members of the Right, but people on the Left pretend their side is innocent of hatred – when most of the awful, angry, offensive posts come from the left-side of the blogosphere?"

My answer to this comment is, you're evading the point. Personally, my expectations for the Left are zero, and sinking. I am not interested in matching the Left's standard of ignorance and hatred, or holding up the Right to that specious comparison. I don't have a perfect solution, but I do know we somehow have to climb out of the political sewer. Because at some point, Left meets Right and everything in the pipe turns to sludge. The fact that Rick Moran is even raising the issue, rather gently, is admirable. Don't dismiss it because "they" are worse than "us."

Comment Posted By SallyVee On 13.02.2007 @ 10:19

A sobering, thoughtful post. I hear you. And thanks for the reminder about Neiwert's book which I have been meaning to purchase. Almost a year ago now I began a rather painful journey sparked by the tremendous hate, bigotry, and deception being perpetrated by the Right re: immigration. Which eventually led me to Neiwart's website and the SPLC. These two sources can not be ignored, and neither can your warning re: Obama. I would add, however, the stars of America's current "freak show" (as a new book aptly describes the political sribes & screamers of the new media) spew gallons of hatred and toxic accusations on candidates of all colors, tho I agree a black candidate is in greater physical danger. Witness the whispering campaign about Rudy G and "those homos" from the Log Cabin Republicans. It's gotten real ugly out there in the right wing nuthouse...

Comment Posted By SallyVee On 12.02.2007 @ 17:35


Rick, you're too kind. This dude (rhymes with Goode) is right out of central casting. Among other foibles -- sorry to be petty -- you can't understand the guy without a translator or subtitles, and he looks/sounds exactly like a stereotypical confederate flag waving redneck. I noticed before leaving town last week a few bloggers tried to make hay with Virg's plea and subsequent plight but didn't link to videos of Virg in action (I caught him on Brit Hume and thought it was a clip from Deliverance)... the man is simply not ready for prime time. Also, what does Virg propose we do about WASPy American born America haters & varietal 'infiltrators' acting in the name of assorted extremist religions -- secular humanism, psychotic peacenikism, neo-nazism, gaia environmentalism, radical islam of late, or the growing church of paranoid nativists?

Embarrassing is an understatement. Thank you for busting Goode's chops. Serious Republicans need to laugh people like him off the stage.

Comment Posted By SallyVee On 2.01.2007 @ 17:11


Oh Lord. I hadn't heard about this embarrassing flap until last night on the Brit Hume hour. I was not looking at the TV when the Virgil Goode clip began to run... From another room, I found myself trying to guess how many teeth the guy had in his head and wondered wryly if he is also an "English First" advocate. Anyway, thanks for printing his remarks, as I otherwise might not have been able to form an accurate opinion. I agree with your comments. Now, I am off to read your pummeling of the crackpot Schlussel woman. Thank God someone on the Right is beginning to question the increasingly counter-productive and hysterical nativists who have seized near-total control of the radio & TV microphones, along with much of the RW blogosphere. Those people do NOT speak for me.

Comment Posted By SallyVee On 22.12.2006 @ 12:03

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