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Correction to #214: The original neocons were basically just "liberals who'd been mugged by reality." Dubya is frequently deemed a neocon but he has evinced a much more sanguine view of human nature than the initial coterie. Cheney is also deemed a neocon and it's fair to surmise that he doesn't. I suppose the term itself is overdue for retirement.

Comment Posted By Seth Halpern On 14.10.2008 @ 17:20

smith, Obama's "stealing the election" doesn't necessarily require that McCain have been ahead. If the polls narrow in the next few weeks, fraud becomes a potentially meaningful factor. Btw, why do you assume that my dislike of Obama makes me a neoconservative? I have no cult-like faith in the ultimate triumph of world-wide democracy. I obviously don't even think it's a sure thing in the United States.

Comment Posted By Seth Halpern On 14.10.2008 @ 16:13

If Obama wins handily (e.g. 300-plus electoral votes) , I will accept it. If he wins narrowly in a election fraught with seemingly credible allegations of fraud, I will accept it if McCain challenges the results and loses in the courts. If McCain has a fit of bi-partisan post-election piety and simply throws in the towel without fighting, all bets are off. Nothing in the Constitution obliges me to roll over for political criminals.

Comment Posted By Seth Halpern On 14.10.2008 @ 15:49

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