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Dear antimedia:

Well, I forgive you for attitude and for calling me smug and self-righteous.

I think you missed the point of what I said.

I said if you have a real relationship with Jesus Christ, you show it with your life. Then, that will sometimes stimulate curiosity in someone who wants what you have.

I'm tired of people who claim something and don't live it.

Sometimes I think my life reflects the reality of my relationship with my Maker.

I don't claim to be a Christian.

I just be me and try to help people.

As for my personal relationship, that's mine.

There's no argument about that inside of me.
I never argue about it or try to explain it or "prove" it verbally.

Sometimes people want to know how they can get what I've got. You obviously don't see it. That's cool. I'm just me.

So, what can I do for you that will help you today, antimedia? What's your name?



Comment Posted By Steve Pipkin-Savage On 20.11.2006 @ 21:37

Thin-skinned Christians react! And fire back with general "demonizations" of their own: "most dems aren't Christians"? hehe.

Oh, well. Let's face it, most "Christians" I have known in my 61 years aren't "Christian" if to be really Christian is to follow the teachings and example of Jesus of Nazareth.

My dad founded a Bible College, I jumped through all the hoops, have a genuine personal relationship with my Maker, with Jesus, and no longer claim to be a Christian.

When people vote for apartheid, against equality of the sexes, against freedom and in support of unholy and illegal wars, are they Christian?

When people who claim to be Christian do not respond to criticism in love and forgiveness, are they Christian?

You see, my spiritual relationship to the Great One is mine. It is personal. If someone sees my example and is drawn to it and wants me to say something about it to help him or her, that's when I talk about it.

Otherwise, leave the so-called "Christian" thing out of politics and out of the discussion. If you ain't doin' it, you ugly.
Fix your ugly, be your own beautiful self and then talk in a way that is helpful.

Jesus said, "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples--if you love one another."

Most talking "Christians" I know simply aren't. I can tell. Walk the walk, then people will take you and your concerns seriously.

Love, Steve

Comment Posted By Steve Pipkin-Savage On 7.10.2006 @ 14:13

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