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It's not that I necessarily feel generous, but it doesn't matter anyway. The AMT has tripled my taxes in the last 4 years since I married. So in essence, my taxes have tripled under Bush.

Comment Posted By Suzanne On 14.10.2008 @ 19:19

And by the way, I'm in the top 3% of income earners and understand fully that my taxes will increase. It's a price I'm willing to pay if the country is back on the right track and we clean up the mess left for several generations. I'm willing to pay if it means we can responsibly end the war in Iraq. I'm willing to pay if we can invest in our infrastructure. I'm willing to pay if it means it will help the country prosper.

Don't get pissy with me in your comments. There are lots of us in the middle supporting Obama and would like to see the Republicans get their act together.

Comment Posted By Suzanne On 14.10.2008 @ 18:55

I stumbled upon this article a few minutes ago and after reading the angry posts, wanted to state my thoughts.

I was a long time Republican, but changed to a registered Independent 6 years ago. Although I'm supporting Obama in this election, if John McCain were to win, the world will not come to an end. I would be disappointed, but hanging on to the anger is childish. The country will be just fine. Could it be any worse than what Bush gave us? We are all now socialists with a Republican president and for most of the last 8 years, the Republican controlled Congress spent like there's no tomorrow.

While I do not agree with all the principles of the Democratic Party, I will support Obama. What scares me about a McCain administration is Palin. The Republican party is not what it used to be. Instead of being angry if Obama wins, why don't you spend time regrouping on what Conservatism really means? I didn't leave the Republican Party, it left me.

Comment Posted By Suzanne On 14.10.2008 @ 18:49

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