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ACORN, Media & the Angry Right...

We’re watching the press out-and-out lie in its reportage. We’re watching YouTube censor what may negatively impact their man. Networks will sell 1/2 chunks of airtime to the Obama campaign, but will not run an ad by his critics. Ann Alt...

Comment Posted By The Anchoress On 11.10.2008 @ 22:30


But face it, she’s a pretty obscure blogger with a small audience of like-minded people for the most part.

On the other hand, people like Donahue, and other acolytes of the right, such as Limbaugh, Coulter, D’Souza, O’Reilly and Savage (to name a scant few) are routinely featured in mainstream media and nothing they say, however outrageous, untrue, and hurtful, ever seems to prevent the MSM from continuing to treat them as respectable people.

Well, here is one Catholic who has said several times on her blog that Donoghue makes her cringe. And I note that Nedra Pickler - mainstream media gal - had no problem quoting Donoghue's excesses, but got all demure about the blogger's over-the-top moments.

These bloggers may be "small and obscure" (as am I) but they are not exactly the only ones out there who write with the perpetual sneer and the anti-religion line and their writing does inspire like-writing and so on and so on. Donoghue may have the bigger microphone, but he and the others you cite are a handful. These bloggers are two of many, as well.

All bloggers blow it sometimes. There are bloggers who specialize in "ugly moronic diatribes - oops, satire" on both sides. But let's not pretend that because Bill Donoghue exists, that justifies the sort of excesses we've seen here. The truth is, we are in control of the people we are, and we are what we write. I don't like Hillary Clinton. That would not justify my making intemperate, bigoted remarks about Methodists.

And please. Don't compare a vague generalization like "clueless lefty" to something like "Let’s face it: The right wing has made “liberal” into a synonym for “nigger lover.” They really do not equate, not really.

Comment Posted By The Anchoress On 8.02.2007 @ 17:56

How about an online integrity pledge?

Why? That's kind of like saying "let's legislate niceness," with everything written down - what one can and can't say, blah, blah, blah.

How about just, you I said before, GROWING UP? All of us?

Comment Posted By The Anchoress On 8.02.2007 @ 15:52

But...afterthought..maybe one way for things to calm down between the bloggers is for a basic rule to be put into play for both sides - one little rule that - could people agree to it and hold to it, might begin to change things. The rule?


I disagreed with bloggers who wanted William Atkins fired and I disagreed when they called for Marcotte's firing, too. How can bloggers, who depend upon freedom of speech and the first amendment for their very existance, run around demanding that other bloggers be shut down, silenced or fired from campaign positions. Someone gets hired, let them do their work, let them WRITE. They're either going to sink or swim on their own...they're going to rise to the challenge and grow as writers and people, or they're going to crash and burn and take their candidate along with them. Why this need to shut people down? And please, the left does it as much as the right, for no good reason other than malice and spite.

We increasingly, in this country and in this medium, refuse to let a thing play out. Before a story is even broken and understood, everyone is opining and taking sides, everyone is blabbering, everyone is finding a target, and it's not serving us as bloggers, or the nation, well.

So, let's cool our jets. Let's stop the scalp-hunting. It has to be a voluntary thing. The Greenwalds have to agree to it, too, or it doesn't work.

Comment Posted By The Anchoress On 8.02.2007 @ 12:12

You're asking if the dynamic of the playground sandbox can be changed. I wish it could be, but in order for that to happen, the kids who would prefer that sand not be thrown have to work together to let the bullies on either side know they need to cut it out. That will take trust and maturity and a willingness to (for a time) become the target of the bullies. Look at your brother. He dared to wonder if Marcotte had written too rough, and for that they turned on him like sneering wolves. You and I have both had the experience of disagreeing with the right and having them dunk our heads into the toilets for it.

It is the day of the bullies. There seem to be more of them, because they're the loudest, but really, they are the minority, I think. Or, I hope. How to make everyone play nice? I haven't a clue. When my kids got into playground spats, I would let them battle it out, making sure no one got hurt. This particular playground is vicious, though. I don't know if "battling it out" is a viable option. Someone is sure to have brass knuckles or a shank.

Comment Posted By The Anchoress On 8.02.2007 @ 12:06


Israel: “Never again” rings hollow in the warming globe

In early 2005 I wrote that the tenor of the times was beginning to remind me of Europe in the early 1930’s. I wrote:
Although they are convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority over Republicans and conservatives, the Dems are neve...

Comment Posted By The Anchoress On 4.08.2006 @ 14:50


DPW: A hand poorly played by EVERYONE

The DPW deal is dead.
Now, the DPW is saying it will hand over control of the ports to a US entity. If I remember right, this was the solution Big Lizard offered a while back.
Hmph. This is probably a smart move, but I cannot believe how poorly pl...

Comment Posted By The Anchoress On 9.03.2006 @ 17:20

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