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Talk about substandard history education...reading my son's American history text, one could assume the Revolutionary War was fought and won, almost exclusively, by women and minorities. It would be wrong (and incorrect)to diminish the contributions of women, black slaves and freemen, and some native indians, but I always thought that there were some white guys who did stuff, too.

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Murtha's plan to redeploy combat troops "over the horizon" in Okinawa may have something to recommend it. Let's test it out by redeploying FEMA personnel and Nat'l Guard units to, let's say, Denmark and see how quickly they can respond to a major hurricane in the Gulf and southeastern US coasts.

It could work!

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“[Y]ou cannot change the future if you're not honest about the past.” -- John Kerry

Johnny boy still has the hat, but his goldfish ate his DD214.

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"What this article makes crystal clear is that these methods of interrogation are not the product of the sick imaginings of a few sadistic soldiers. They did not spring into being in a vacuum. What the reports make unambiguously clear is that the soldiers believed the interrogation techniques were approved – approved at the highest levels in their chain of command."

I don't see where the article makes anything of the sort crystal clear. The fact that they are being tried on extremely serious charges, effectively refutes your statement.

First: the WaPo implies coverup by describing "partially open court proceedings" and that "court records have been censored to hide the CIA's involvement in his questioning, and reporters have been removed from a Fort Carson courtroom when testimony relating to the CIA has surfaced." Oooh, very scary. Aren't these the same folks who want Karl Rove's head on a pike for (allegedly) "blowing the cover" of some office pogue at Langley? Yet, they want everything in these proceedings out in the open? I call BS.

Second, it is in no way exculpatory to point out that these types of things have occured in every conflict. If it is believed that one of these butchers has time-sensitive information, that can save the lives of American forces, some interrogators will go off the reservation PDQ. Some will even grow to enjoy it. Yet another reason why war is not a good thing. The fact is, every soldier and Marine has been well indoctrinated with the protocols, by the time they've graduated Boot Camp. If the President directly orders you to do something illegal, you are to refuse. "I was just following orders" is never a defense. It's natural that the guilty will attempt to shed responsibilty for their own actions, and put it off on their superiors. It may even be true--in some cases--that their superiors gave the green light. It absolves nothing and they knew it going in.

Under the right set of circumstances, I might even do it myself. However, if caught, I know--in advance--that I'd be going up for a long stretch at hard labor. If I were on the tribunal, I'd cut them no slack. If I were standing before the tribunal, I'd expect none.

Ita est.

Comment Posted By Wuzzagrunt On 4.08.2005 @ 22:50

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