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Oh for crying out loud!

I am not an Islamic apologist, but there are plenty of calls for tolerance, mercy and compassion in the Quran. Such as: "There shall be no compulsion in religion." 2:256.

Yes, there is some pretty nasty stuff in the Quran as well, just as there is in the Bible (both old & new Testaments), which is really not hard to find, if you have actually read the Bible including: promises and descriptions of terrible fates for unbelievers and outsiders, advocates for slavery, and lays out the proper protocol for mass murder (hint: in Deuteronomy).

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As one of your lefty readers, I will definately contribute.

I would love to see you write more about ethics, because that is where you really shine (and one of the areas in which you really make me think).

I think you are an AWESOME writer, and it would be a shame if you had to do something else.

And lest I scare away any of your more rightward leaning readers, I must emphasize that I disagree with most of your conclusions. But I trust your research, and I always learn something.

I have been fixated lately on the passing of President Ford. I voted for the 1st time in 76...I didn't vote for him (and sometimes I regret that!) but it strikes me that he was one of those people that no matter how much you disagreed with him, you had to like him and respect him (has anybody *ever* heard of a Ford hater?). I would like to see more of this kind of civility in our national discourse, and you represent that to me, which is why I find myself checking your blog more and more frequently.

Here's to a happy and successful 2007, Rick.

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Well, I live in one of those big American cities full of Arab immigrants, and I gotta say that all I ever see them do is work their *ss*s off. 7 days a week, 14-16 hours a day. They learn English fast and they learn it well. The only difference they make in local culture is that many (but not all) refuse to sell beer because it is unislamic. But it's not like it's hard to find another place to buy beer, so I say kudos to them for sticking to their principles.

Goode is a fool.

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One thing which should also be emphasized re this refuge problem is that the people who are leaving Iraq are largely the people Iraq desperately needs if it is ever to become a civil society. Because the runs who are fleeing are those who can afford to--the educated, middle class professionals. It is also worth mentioning that these people tend to be more secular and moderate. They don't have any interest in the various religious factions, many of them are "intermarried" (in the middle class, Sunni-Shia marriages have been common for quite some time).

The other thing worth mentioning is that this diagram doesn't deal with those who have been internally displaced due to little ethnic cleansing operations. If those people begin to flood over the borders, then all hell could break loose, particularly in Jordan in Syria, because many of these people are not so moderate or well educated.

The whole situation is a time-bomb, and it is ticking away.

And I agree that the US policy of only accepting 200 per year is outrageous. As is the fact that these people have not been given refugee status by the UN (due to US pressure) which would make them eligible for assistance which would in turn take some of the pressure off of host countries--particularly Jordan.

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I have have gotten the well known firefox "unable to access site" error message several times in the past week.

--From a a lefty "fan" who never comments, rarely agrees with your perspective, but still thinks you are one hellava writer!

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