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solutions should be pollution

my bad

Comment Posted By chicagotrauma On 10.08.2009 @ 02:34


"Seriously? this is exactly what I was talking about earlier. Since when did critical thinking become the exclusive domain of the liberal elite? Shouldn’t everyone examine and scrutinize all sources of information?"

Just realized something wrong with this comment. Critical thinking has NEVER even been in the domain of liberalism. Liberals cannot be bothered with facts. Critical thinking is something that only conservatives do. Take Global Warming/Climate Change for example. Are the Kerrys, Gores and Boxers ready to have a debate? Nope. Critical thinking Liberals are like Unicorns. We've heard of them, but never seen them.

Comment Posted By chicagotrauma On 9.08.2009 @ 23:06

I understand. Sometimes I get POed as well.
No problem.
I do have a problem with people who look down on Palin or Palinistas (if you will) because they are "commoners". I see a lot of that and I really feel that people like Frum/Parker/Brooks do a disservice to the conservative cause by marginalizing a group of people. There are more commoners in either party than the elites.

Comment Posted By chicagotrauma On 9.08.2009 @ 22:55

Please read my response to funny man as both of you seem to invent the meanings to my words, and have taken the liberty of moving them around.

Liberal elitism is not a term or phrase that I mentioned. I mentioned "liberal tactics" and "elitism" as two separate things. I called you an elitist, you happen to be conservative. It is obvious you are conservative from your posts, but we all know that libs do not have a corner on the elite market.
Palin's words DO NOT mean any less because they were lifted (out of context in your case) out of Facebook.

You wrote "Similar to the Pelosi-swastika issue we discussed earlier, I’ll admit that its a valid interpretation, but I don’t think its what she meant when she said it, and I don’t think its how most people would interpret it."
This is where you were informing us of what Palin did or did not mean. I think you are rather full of yourself to feel that you could even comment on what she meant without reading her own words.
I read the Times , NPR, and all sorts of information as well. You really look bad commenting on someones words when you admit you haven't even read them.
Now, about that "government" rant of yours....

I said "Governor".

Comment Posted By chicagotrauma On 9.08.2009 @ 22:51

I appreciate your "effort" to be nice. Hopefully, it wasn't too hard. Please show where I said there was "something wrong with watching NPR as a conservative."? Did I mention Frum? How about Brooks or Parker? I am sorry to disappoint you. If you feel that Palins (or anyone else's )opinions mean any less because they have been lifted off Facebook rather than the Grey Lady then you sir are an elitist. I stated that Ken had used a typical "liberal" tactic. Please show where I called any of you "liberals"? You may not think Palin is the "sharpest" knife around" but I am positive that she and likely many of her supporters would read my comment and NOT write that I had said things that I obviously didn't, as you have.

Comment Posted By chicagotrauma On 9.08.2009 @ 22:39


You lost all credibility with your comment "Or is it more likely that they will take it as gospel truth that the current healthcare bill will kill her Down syndrome stricken child for not be “productive” enough?"

Have you read note on Palins Facebook page? Have you seen the articles she posted there? This is the information from where she drew her conclusions.

Your comment shows that you have taken her out of context and I hardly think that qualifies you to tell me what the Governor meant.
Now does the fact that her comments were made on "Facebook" lessen the intellect or change the facts? Does "Facebook" lessen your precious "nuance"?
Would it mean more to you if it was in the NY Times or on NPR?
You exude elitism in your posts and use the usual liberal tactics of taking people out of context or attacking sources.
I am sorry to tell you this, but people like you are part of the problem.

Comment Posted By chicagotrauma On 9.08.2009 @ 21:11

With your faith in the federal government, you may as well be a "a liberal and an Obama lover".

This administration is all about subterfuge and obfuscation. Don't you find it interesting that each week some new Hot, controversial topic is unleashed as an attempt to keep everyone unfocused (today they are going after CIA agents).

You say Emanuel is not writing the bill. You are correct. But explain to me why the man who advocates rationing on the basis of productivity to society is Obamas advisor on the subject of health?

Now.. imagine the public option is passed. Predatory pricing from a government plan will destroy the smaller private companies, much like Walmart destroyed mom and dads five and dime store.
HR 3200 on page 16 dictates that within 5 years ALL will need to be in a GOVERNMENT APPROVED policy (except Congress of course).

Oh my. The Dollar is destroyed in the future and the ensuing CRISIS will result in rationing as the all citizens have been forced into government plans.

Holdren is the Science Czar. Not sure what you are talking about "senate comfirmation", but do you really think THAT would stop THIS administration from installing a psycho like Holdren or one that sympathizes with him. Do you think Holdren is just kinda hanging out at the white house for no reason? Why is he involved if not to help craft the legislation these power mongers are pushing.

Cass Sunstein makes his living studying behavior modification and how to manipulate people into doing what they consider to be healthy living. Is he also "just hanging out" at the white house? Maybe he's helping in the garden. Obviously he's there to help shape this administrations ability to influence Americans through their poisonous legislation.
So are you incapable of adding 2+2+2? Does the number 6 not exist in your world?
You can call me an alarmist or conspiracy theorist, but, by the time I am proven right, you'll be to old to receive that hernia repair you need.
Have you checked out Palins facebook page? She posted many articles with much of this information in there and she came to the same conclusion I did.

If you continue to say that there is NO WAY that some form of "death panels" can be formed, then I will continue to think you are really shilling for the DNC, or in denial. Otherwise, I would expect you to actually investigate these people, look into their motives, and you really have no other choice but to come to the same conclusion.

Comment Posted By chicagotrauma On 9.08.2009 @ 20:52


John "sterilants in the water" Holdren

Ezekiel Emanuel

Cass Sunstein

Now I wonder why she would be concerned about a "Death Panel"?

Comment Posted By chicagotrauma On 8.08.2009 @ 19:55

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