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To anonymous #38,
"A soldier of an invading and occupying army is not murdered; he is killed."

Another fine example of liberal patriotism at it's best. Did you ever bother to consider that the Americans are LIBERATORS?

Comment Posted By dbehsman On 23.10.2006 @ 22:38

To larry in los angeles,

"It is amazing what Republicans get outraged over. They were outraged when Clinton tried to kill Ben Laden and they screamed “Wag the Dog”."

Good God! Talk about pathetic talking points! Bill Clinton was the idiot who let Bin Laden go! What kind of drugs are you doing?

"Bush was fraudulently inserted into the presidency ..."

Here we go again. Bush won four recounts. How many more do you need?

"... in 2001 where he started energizing his now failed “Humble Foreign Policy”. He ignores Clinton’s terrorism warnings, Richard Clarke, he ignores Former US Senators Gary Hart and Warren Rudman’s report warning of the terrorist threat, ignores George Tenet running around as if his hair was on fire, ignores the chatter, goes on vacation and ignores the PDB and then goes fishing."

Absolute lies. Nobody had reports that Al Qaeda was going to fly airliners into buildings or military targets.

"Cheney previously had said that there would be no response to the Cole bombing upon learning that Al Qeada did it because it didn’t happen on Bush’s watch."

I would like to see your sources for that.

"The then Democratically controlled Senate Armed Services Committe recommended adding hundreds of million’s to anti-terrorism funding. In early September of 2001 Secretary Rumsfeld informs the Senate that he would advise the President veto this. Ashcroft later rejects Pickard’s request for more anti-terrorism funding. Ben Laden soon afterwards attacks America, we let him escape from Tora Bora as we go after Saddam under false pretenses and that leads to 3000 coalition forces dying, including the one that CNN showed on tape."

Again, absolute liberal lies. Do you have any proof that Bush let Bin Laden go? We know that Bill Clinton let Bin Laden go in 1996. WHERE IS YOUR PROOF THAT BUSH LET BIN LADEN GO?

"Do I detect misplaced outrage?"

I detect a pothead who's had too much.

"6,000 American deaths on Bush’s watch due to terrorism and an ill-advised war in Iraq and it’s the video stupid?"

Look, I know that you liberals are really upset that Sadam Hussein has been deposed. I understand that you're heart broken over the fact the Hussein is standing trail for crimes against humanity. I realize that you're all upset that there are no more rape rooms in Iraq, no more executions done by shredders, no more childrens prisons, no more rigged elections, etc. But you're just going to have to get over it. Hussein is done, and you're not going to be able to get him back.

"Maybe it’s just me."

No it's all of you, and the entire stinking democRAT party.

Comment Posted By dbehsman On 23.10.2006 @ 22:34

To anonymous #16
"Do you teach your students to parrot these and other boiler-plate bits of propaganda? Do they get extra credit if they report any expression of disloyalty they might hear in their homes?"

Why don't you save the hysteria for the campus? That type of garbage might sit with the little Nazi/Socialist/Communist dirtball professors, but it doesn't fair too well on the internet. Spare us, please.

Comment Posted By dbehsman On 23.10.2006 @ 22:12

To anonymous #15
"The Nazis were not anti-capitalist; they were anti-Communist. And, being European, they were, of course, devoted imperialists."

The official name of the Nazi party was the "Nationalist SOCIALIST WORKERS Party". The National Socialists may not have been completely anti-capitalist, but they sure as hell weren't free marketeers. These were SOCIALISTS. In other words, these were proud left wingers. When Joe Stalin signed the treaty with Hitler, they were the best of buddies. Things ONLY went sour after Germany invaded Soviet controlled Poland.

Comment Posted By dbehsman On 23.10.2006 @ 22:09

To anonymous #7
A view shared by an overwhelming majority of people currently alive on this planet."

Well, just don't get all huffy when people start questioning your patriotism.

Comment Posted By dbehsman On 23.10.2006 @ 22:00

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