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Get a clue, Moran. The Ortegas and the Chavezs of the the world want Obama to throw a hissy fit and treat them with disdain. It plays well at home. By just sitting there, Obama played the role of the calm parent to their two-year old temper tantrums.

Obama didn't run out of the room like some little girl who got insulted at the prom. What is it with right-wingers and their bizarre fetish for victimhood status? Seriously. Grow a pair.

Comment Posted By dude08 On 20.04.2009 @ 14:12


Watch the video of McCain pimping out his wife at a biker rally. Twisted.

And to Moran, this is from a rock solid guy, a man of character. Sick, sick, sick.

Comment Posted By dude08 On 5.08.2008 @ 20:38

"There is just as much evidence that McCain called his wife a cunt as there is that Obama is a muslim… namely, none. As far as cheating on his first wife, I don’t know the details, but I do know that even decent men and women fall out of love and end marriages. But do you really want to hold all the candidates to that standard? Or is it simply the best argument you can make? Did you hold your last democratic president to that standard? What about his spiritual advisor (Jesse Jackson)? I’m guessing your a big fan of that pole-smoker Barney Frank, and the biggest philanderer on the planet, Ted Kennedy. They’re probably all “decent” in your eyes, as is your lie-through-his-teeth messiah. GFYS."

You don't know the details, obviously. Moreover, betcha you didn't know that his loyal wife was also disabled at the time.

More to the point, it is the wingnuts who run on the platform of being holier than thou, not liberals. And then when they get called on their hypocrisy, they make excuses for THEIR candidate and whine like little girls.

And just yesterday, he offered his wife up as a contestant in a raunchy, topless and bottomless "pageant" in front of bunch of bikers. This from the the "values" party candidate. If Obama had done anything remotely like that, the wingnutopshere would have gone apesh*t. But when their boy does it, it's no big deal at all.

I guess he's just being "principled."

Comment Posted By dude08 On 5.08.2008 @ 19:23

"Bravo! Nicely said, Rick. I’ve been waiting for months for the right to rally behind this decent man."

You mean the guy who cheated on his first wife with his now second wife, after the first one remained loyal while he was a POW?

Or do you mean the guy who called his second wife a c*nt and just offered her yesterday up as a contestant in a topless pageant?

You mean that decent man?

"Isn’t this the difference in all liberals and true conservatives? Conservatives-at-heart, which John McCain is, are guided by principals that never waver; they are rock solid at the core."

It's just amazing what wingnuts call principled. Obama remains faithful to his wife, McCain acts like a jerk to both of his, and it is McCain who is the principled one.


Comment Posted By dude08 On 5.08.2008 @ 15:31


"Well, there you are: racist if you are and racist if you aren’t. If you don’t vote for O!"

You're not necessarily racist if you don't vote for O. You are just more likely to be racist. Conversely, you are not necessarily an ageist if you don't vote for McCain, you are just more likely to be an ageist.

The purpose of Moran's post here is to plant the idea that there is no possibility that anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a racist. Sorry for the double negative. In that sense, he is the same as those he criticizes. Oh, and he is a victim too.

Again, not all dislike of Obama is race-based. But some is. I have met very few lefties who believe that all wingnuts are racist. But I have met many wingnuts who believe there is no chance that of the millions of Americans who will not vote for Obama, not one is a racist.

The other weird thing is that wingnuts believe that only their subjective interpretation counts. To many of them, if a black man perceives something as racist, and a white man does not, the black man's perception does not count, because the white man disagrees.

Here is Moran on the subject: "And that is the deliberate misinterpretation of intent by the left in many conservative critiques of liberal dogma that has led us to this unhappy point in American history where any criticism levelled at a black Democratic candidate will eventually be deliberately misconceived (or stupidly misconstrued) as an attack on his race."

See, the black man is either being stupid or deceptive in maintaining that what he is perceiving is racist. And how do we know this? Because Moran said so.

Comment Posted By dude08 On 4.08.2008 @ 18:58

Not all Republicans are racist. Of course. But again, playing the race-race card is part of a larger strategy of wingnut victimhood. It goes back as least as far as Nixon, or even farther.

And in this election, it plays not on racism, but on resentment. And that is what Moran is doing here. Nobody likes being called a racist. But if you can convince people that they are being called racist, and unjustly so, then they can justify their dislike of Obama not on the ground that they are racist, but that they are being unfairly tagged as racist. And this motivates certain people to vote, and vote in a certain way.

Again, the issue is resentment, and playing on the resentment. It's what's motivated conservatives every election since 1968, and perhaps earlier. Resentment against gays, minorities, feminists, secularlists, judges, Hollywood types, and on and on and on.

And if lefties are necessarily wrong about every accusation of racism they make, then there cannot be any racism at all, no matter how nasty people get about Obama. It's kind of like when Bush says we don't do torture. We don't do torture because what we do is by definition not torture. Because we do it.

Obama's not playing the race card. But wingnuts are playing the victim card. And playing it well.

Comment Posted By dude08 On 4.08.2008 @ 17:08

One thing that Republicans have perfected is the art of playing the victim. Victims of affirmative action, of secular humanists, of feminists, of coastal elites, and on and on and on.

This post? Exhibit #43.

It does not matter what Obama says or does. Regardless, wingnuttery is going to find a way be victimized by it. So if Obama mentions that he does not look like a typical person one might find on US currency, when it was the McCain camp itself that ran an ad with his likeness on what appeared to be US currency, well of course Obama is just a bad guy trying to paint his opponents as racist. And thus wingnuts are just victims of charges of racism.

It's a classic wingnut strategy. The parts get moved around to fit the the particular opponent. But at bottom its the same story, different day. A classic example is the Jesse Helms ad from 1990 - you know the one - "You wanted that job ...."

And that's the strategy in 2008. Wingnuts as the victims of Obama's elitism and, now, his racism.

This post is one tiny part of that strategy. As Rick says: "And the fault, dear lefties, lies not in the stars but with you."

See, if you lefties would just stop being so mean, and if Obama would just stop responding to ads about him, then wingnuts wouldn't be victims anymore. But until you stop it, they are going to continue to be victims. So stop it. Or you will make them cry.

Comment Posted By dude08 On 4.08.2008 @ 15:15

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