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Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 16:17

Oh come come now Chip. Where is your sense of sport. Obviously my diversionary tactics were not as good as thought they were. You've caught me out.

Anyway people. It might be 4:11pm where you are but it's 22:14 where I am and as such it is way passed my bed time.

So I bid you good night and I would like to sign off by saying that I hope people were not too offended or angered by my posts.

Wish you all well on your travels.

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 16:16

Frankie. You've come back also. Why do I keep asking questions? Now that is a question. You should try it, perhaps it is what you have been lacking.

By the way, are you saying that your mind is not made up? Mine is made up to the extent that I don't agree that the 911 official report is adequate. What do you think? Mike was clear. He bought the whole thing and even went for the T-Shirt. How about you?

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 16:11

Chip. You're awake again. You keep dosing off, miss a lot and come back saying, what happened. Don't worry, go back to sleep, nothing to worry about.

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 16:00

TomB. Why not focus your fervent energies on getting the truth from those who know what it is i.e. the government. All I'm doing is asking the questions and refusing to accept the half-baked answers people on this blog insist on coming up with in defense of some well-meaning idiosyncrasy that all is well. Neither will I accept a report that leaves more questions than it answers.

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 15:57

Good. Thanks Mike. I have stated my opinion and you have stated yours. You say that the report is as complete as it could be. I think that it is not as complete as it SHOULD be. I also think 911 on its own is sufficiently large without bringing any other issue into it whatever it might be.

I will say one thing and that is that a very substantial number of people (about 30% of US population) believe that the government was involved in some way. That is a very large number of people.

I guess time will tell because things like this always come out in the end, one way or the other.

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 15:45

People. Please come to your senses. Nobody seems to want to hear what I am actually saying. It should not be up to US to sort this out on a blog. If you agree that the official report is inadequate, and I haven't heard anyone say anything to the contrary, all I am saying is that we have the right to ask for a report that explains everything properly, without bias and goes much deeper into the issues than hitherto been the case.

As long as the status quo remains, so will the "Troofers". If people want the Troofers on this issue to go away, (and I'm not saying every person that believes in every conspiracy is right), isn't it high time for more people to join together and demanded reopening the investigation? The longer it goes on the harder it will be to convince the neutrals that all is well.

And if you really do think that the official 911 report explains everything and leaves no doubt, that is something I just do not agree with.

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 15:24

Reply to 254. Never mind thousands of cameras Frank. Just one set of frames that actually shows a plane going into the building would have been enough. A tail fin would have been enough. The right kind of engine or fan blade would have been enough. A part of a wing would have been enough.

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 15:09

Thanks for joining in Mike. Reply to 253. I'm afraid like all the others, you take one thing and cling on to it like a limpet. It isn't just about the buildings, it isn't just about the planes or al queda.

There are a great many other things which apparently are too many even for a mechanical engineer to grasp. I don't think anyone should rest until ALL questions are adequatly answered, not least of all those posed in post 232.

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 14:58

I can't seem to reply fast enough. What is it you don't understand now Chip.

My words were "What can possibly be so secretive about a plane hitting the Pentagon?" The answer is NOTHING. So why confisgate the videos?

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 14:53

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