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hey chip: Police were unlawfully arresting protesters well before the post-9/11 mentality set in, as it has been ruled that Seattle is liable for unlawful arrests of WTO protesters . . .

The post-9/11 political mentality certainly would likely argue in favor of such measures, no? Lock em up first, sort em out later.

Comment Posted By hast On 1.02.2007 @ 02:30

Chip #24 wrote: "Nobody is getting locked up, much less arrested for peaceful and respectful protest."

False. See:

Where we read: "It will be Sheriff Bob Fletcher's job to hold and process those hauled away during the convention, which begins Sept. 1, 2008. His task could be a big one: New York City police arrested nearly 2,000 people during the 2004 GOP convention . . . New York City struggled with busloads of arrested protesters, and police faced accusations of being overly aggressive. Some protesters spent days in jail. Hundreds of those arrested sued, alleging civil rights violations, prompting legal fights that still continue over what police records the city must release."

Chip further writes: "Any action by authorities to contain or disperse a gathering has been precipitated by acts of disorderly conduct, vandalism or outright assault."

This is also false. Though we shall see how things play out in the courts. In NYC I witnessed police preemptively arresting people by the dozens. They would just set up a fence and everyone caught inside was carted off to pier 57 whether they were protesting or merely walking by.

Comment Posted By hast On 29.01.2007 @ 16:58

many in the anti-war crowd are preparing for large scale civil disobedience on March 19th in cities all over the world, so you may get what you've asked for.

in the anti-war, social justice, left wing circuit, January is usually a month for peaceful protest (MLK day) whereas mayday and other anniversary days (like March 19th) are set aside for more radical actions.

btw, thousands of people have already been locked up or arrested for their protest activities since the war started. around 2000 people were rounded up and put in makeshift jails during the republican national convention alone.

Comment Posted By hast On 28.01.2007 @ 16:28

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