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Mr Moran -

You're absolutely right, but the lies live on by stint of repeating. Hillary goes negative, and she gets buried time and again. She's doing it now in Ohio and in Texas, and the latest polls have her slipping behind Obama in Texas and likely to follow in Ohio. It won't be any different for McCain. Because Obama speaks to the nobility in us, fighting him in the gutters just makes his enemies look shallow. Go after a lack of experience, go after his positions, but the Madrassa lies, the Koran swearing-in lies,all of that, it just won't fly. A few percentage points will be swayed against Senator Obama, but far more will find that sort of fight repulsive. It just doesn't fly. Clinton will find that out in ten days. The right wing nutjobs will find that out in 220. That stuff is sickening, and just plain wrong. Enough Americans have a visceral understanding of that to esnure it doesn't work. The rest, who think its acceptable: they're beyond salvage and to hell with them. They deserve their fate of wallowing in hate. Who needs them? You don't.

Comment Posted By hastingspete On 25.02.2008 @ 17:14

Wow. I had heard there was some silly stuff circulating, but this is great. First off, a disclosure: I am a member of the Democratic Party and a supporter of Senator Obama.

To the Right Wing Nuthouse blogger, kudos for your intellectual honesty. You guys definitely have stuff to go after the Senator. He votes differently from the way Senator McCain did. (Duh.) That's why he is running as a Democrat (and will win as a Democrat, by the way).

This silly stuff, really really embarassing stuff about Obama as a secret Muslim, is just going to disgust people with the Republicans. What sells Obama is a guy who made it good in this country and who is wildly hopeful about this country. Unpatriotic? Yeah. Good luck with that. Secret Muslim. Yuh, that might convince some mouth-breathers who were going to vote Republican anyway, but some nice lady in Ohio? Good luck with that too. To everyone who disagrees with Right Wing Nuthouse and thinks this is all good fun and fair play, hey, go for it. Keep the lies up. Go racist, PLEASE. Pretty please? Because you're so misreading his appeal and so misreading what's going to work this time.

The only chance you have, the only, is the lack-of-experience meme. The rest of it is a loser for you, and you're going to get taken to school over it, mark my words.

Comment Posted By hastingspete On 25.02.2008 @ 12:14



Neatly said. Play-acting is right. When told more troops would be needed by a guy that knew better, Bush fired him. When told it would cost more than $20 billion, Bush fired him. When told many times and in many ways they were cocking things up, they screamed "unpatriotic". The only thing they never did was fight this war like a war. They did exactly what they accused Democrats of doing in Vietnam. They let politics affect the commitment. Face it, if you meant to subjugate and hold a country of this size, you raise an army to do it. Not play soldier without enough of our troops. It's more than a disgrace, its treason.

These guys are fools. Leave it to a woman to sort things out: an orderly training mission followed by withdrawal.

That's what will happen in 2009. And this Administration, for all of American history, will be branded for the incompetent, trigger-happy cowboy chicken-hawks they all were. Just pathetic.

Comment Posted By hastingspete On 19.09.2007 @ 23:31


Um. The AG admits mistakes. His Chief of Staff QUITS, for crying out loud. Sununu says the AG should quit. Everybody but maybe you guys and a handful of others think this is a real scandal. What was it? Two weeks ago we had the Walter Reed Hospital scandal. Was that a manufactured scandal? Don't you guys even get slightly tired of the relentlessness of this incompetent Administration's ability to fall over its own feet? Aren't you DONE yet?

Because the rest of the country is. Stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and keep saying "I can't hear you, you're lying".

We'll finish booting out the rest of you in two year's time. Absolutely disgusting. Personal accountability my rear end.

Oh. I forgot. Clinton did it.

Pah - the - tic.

Comment Posted By hastingspete On 14.03.2007 @ 22:11

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