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Interesting perspective. A thought occurred last night; 24 seemed a little over the edge, exaggerated, you might say, relative to all the dirty agents, staff, etc. Then I came back to reality and pondered the real life corruption, 535 examples on capitol hill just for starters, not to mention the state legislators, all of a sudden 24 seemed more true to life. For whatever their reasons might be, the shakers and movers seem hell bent on killing off heroes with impunity. Since we're in mid season and the show has now become a nail biter, I'll hang in there to the end. Regarding the future, I'll seriously and slowly re-evaluate the Monday night routine. Relative to the blogger critique; perhaps I've been spoiled by the Moran style because after looking at the other bloggers, they just don't cut the mustard. Far be it from me to question your planned changes. All things must be done decently and in order albeit the fact, you'll be missed.

Comment Posted By jazplyr On 10.03.2009 @ 08:00

A BRIEF RECAP OF <EM>24</EM>: 4:00 pm TO 6:00 pm

No apology necessary, not even for the sake of 'practical joker' respondent number four. Ya gotta take care of business first. No love lost for miss "Binge & Purge". Miss "Hotness" is still going through a repentance phase but her potential looks encouraging.

Comment Posted By jazplyr On 4.03.2009 @ 19:38


Sara; did you read the books I suggested? Huckabee didn't write 'em! Whenever I encounter a new idea, I study it for merit before I accept or reject it. hr 1025 and s 1025 (FairTax) have been introduced in both chambers. These so-called conservative talkers; Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, won't even consider arguments for/against the initiative. They are just a crowd of blowhards with closed minds. It would be a herculean task to overturn the 16th amendment, but that's not out of reach. Again, I must emphasize, the job, of necessity must begin from the bottom up. Difficult? Unquestionably yes. We can't sit around waiting for good things to be handed us on a platter.
the Jazplyr, Gene Sprenkle

Comment Posted By jazplyr On 3.03.2009 @ 16:24

To hell with Limbaugh and Gingrich! Neither one of those louts even mention the one definitive solution that would bring our country back to prosperity. In fact Limbaugh will not even let it be discussed on his show. I'm referring to the FairTax. It must begin from the ground up. Of course, the K Street lobbyists will fight it tooth and nail because they're not stupid. When 22mil is invested in the research of an idea that means something to me. It's non-partisan, being authored by John Linder and Colin Peterson. Does Gingrich or Limbaugh care about common sense or conservative capitalism? Hell no! Gingrich is a deceiver and Limbaugh is just a rabble-rouzer. At least Mike Huckabee shows a little common sense in his support of Fairtax. If anyone is curious I would recommend both books.

Comment Posted By jazplyr On 3.03.2009 @ 13:40


aric; you err when you assume that I'm trying to "win friends and influence people". I'm shooting off my mouth. You're free to believe/dis-believe what you want.

Comment Posted By jazplyr On 4.03.2009 @ 07:12

"Clearly, if conservatives wish to attract the young, a better job of educating them outside of the classroom must be done. They will never learn about conservative principles in school – not only because education is dominated by liberals but because the study of most any western philosophy would be anti-diversity".
Unquestionably and unfortunately this statement is the warp and woof of your narrative. Correcting and healing this condition will require a herculean effort. I write and speak from the perspective of an old geezer because that's what I am. I look at life through one prism; the Christian Bible, which makes any productive dialog or discussion with young folks very difficult. We live in the "American Idol" "I want my mommy" "Me first" "Challenge authority" generation. With all of this being diametrically opposed to my stated prism we could be faced with a life-or-death challenge. This declension didn't happen overnight and healing this moral sickness will of necessity be incremental otherwise, we are hopeless. How might we convince your 17 year old cousin for example that humanity is not basically good? There remains one ray of hope; youngsters are flexible, old folks like me are not. I copied your statement above because there is so much wisdom packed into one sentence. Education is vitally important. With a few questions directed to my grand kids I've learned that we have totally banned God from the classroom. This was not the framers' intent. I watched our culture start to go sour in 1955, my parents claim that the moral compass started to waver long before that. Amazingly, and this speaks to the flexibility of our youth, I read a recent survey where a significant percentage of youngsters believe that teaching creationism as well as evolution would set the table for each to stand or fall on their own merit, or lack thereof. If the youngsters embrace that mindset it's obvious that a secular mindset has driven us to new lows. Unfortunately, it didn't happen by accident. I'll close with my favorite radical statement; we are in the latter stages of a great controversy between Christ and Satan and, it's been raging for over 6000 years.

Comment Posted By jazplyr On 26.02.2009 @ 07:47


Rick Moran, truly, you’re a man of many words. What a long-winded narrative. If I understand the warp and woof of this piece, conservatism must somehow adapt or change and become relevant in this 21st. century. I do not agree. The GOP got it’s butt kicked in 2006 and 2008. This is obvious. The reason this happened (and here is one of my rare agreements with Limbaugh), is because the GOP threw conservatism under the bus. Does that brand me as a dogmatic conservative? If yes, I’ll wear the label proudly and no, I probably wouldn’t like the smell inside the “big tent”.

Comment Posted By jazplyr On 18.02.2009 @ 09:58


"Larry: (almost gently): Jack – The rules are what make us better.
Jack: Not today".

This conflicting mindset was established in season #1 and has incrementally grown since. It may be good or bad that I have all six seasons containing similar statements but this one is the ultimate.
To the points about Jack violating traffic laws; In real life this couldn't happen in DC. I know, I've lived there. The city is crawling with police cruisers non-stop but the writers can be expected to stretch credibility and further, the caddy's owner was in shock to the extent he didn't think about On Star.

Comment Posted By jazplyr On 12.02.2009 @ 21:19


Rick, you are missed.
Get well soon. I don't think the latest episode sucked. Agent Walker is learning some hard lessons. Will she finally adjust and compensate? Only the writers know and they just give us little bites as teasers.

Comment Posted By jazplyr On 11.02.2009 @ 20:13


"Why is 24 treating federal government control as a fait accompli".

Wramblin' Wreck, the answers to all of your questions can be summed up in two words:
Evan Katz.

Comment Posted By jazplyr On 5.02.2009 @ 10:30

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