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good luck! :)

Comment Posted By kimberly On 21.02.2005 @ 20:23


There is no way that he didn't have those weapons. My thought has always been that they are in either Iran, Syria, or Lebanon. The entire world's intelligence agencies said he had the weapons. This isn't some elaborate lie that President Bush made up just to go to war. Time will tell the real story.

Comment Posted By kimberly On 16.02.2005 @ 19:29


I know. It just seems so wrong to name anything having to do with defense after Jimmy Carter. While his post POTUS service to this country has been honorable in terms of Habitat for Humanity, he was not a successful president by any stretch of the imagination. He was quite possibly the worst president of the 20th century. How does that rate having a battle ship named after you? Color me seriously confused.

Comment Posted By kimberly On 16.02.2005 @ 12:03


I'm not looking at your recap/review because I made a mistake when trying to record the show last night and mistakenly recorded The Bacherlorette! You can imagine my horror when I tuned in to watch my favorite series and was instead viewing the first scenes from one of the most vapid shows ever created. I am SO hoping that FX will be airing a repeat sometime before next Monday as they have in previous seasons. Then I will return and read what you had to say.

Comment Posted By kimberly On 15.02.2005 @ 18:01


This series has become my favorite show on television. I tune in and watch and tape it for later viewing. I do love your recaps with your own special snark thrown in for good measure. This season has been amazing since the first tick of the clock. No Kim. No cougars. No annoying side plots to keep us from the real story. Tis a good thing.

Comment Posted By kimberly On 14.02.2005 @ 16:13

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