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The intention was not racist, but honestly, can't you see how many people might find it racist? intent does matter, but it isn't the end-all. Communication is about intent and form - I'm gay, but I don't go around calling people faggot's and then screaming "but I'm gay, so it's ok! I don't intend to be hateful!"

This is a non-issue. Conservative thought is not being relegated. I agree with Shaun. Some stupid editor just isn't worth what they're paying him at the NY Post. Huffpost screams about everything.

There is a happy medium here, try not to be offensive and try not to take offense if you can easily recognize that offense isn't meant. It is that recognition that some people have a tough time with, and that's understandable. Black people ahve historically been called monkey's by racists, and Obama's fingerprints are ALL OVER the stimulus. Doesn't matter what the artist meant, get some taste. doesn't matter what Huffpost says, they're incendiary and looking to take offense.

Isn't there something more interesting to write about?

Comment Posted By kyle On 20.02.2009 @ 18:28


"Of course, they also have high suicide, drug addiction, alcoholism, and divorce rates. They don’t have children either because they hate them or think them an impediment to their lifestyle. The vast majority of them live drab, colorless lives with little opportunity to better themselves. And who would want to considering that governments frown on anyone getting too far ahead of their neighbors."

That's the stupidest thing I've seen you write yet Rick. make it over there much? I've spent a good deal of time in France. I'm not saying that their government is much better or even better then ours, but drab, colorless lives? Jesus, take a deep breath. They have rural, sub-urban and urban people, living all types of different lives. There is plenty of workplace competition, they have race relation problems just like we do, our suicide rates are comparable to theirs, and America's birthrate is dropping too. Its a result of the demographic transition to industrialized society. we don't need 20 kids to farm our fields any more. Make whatever point you want about dreaded socialism. Don't mindlessly bash cultures you know nothing about.

Comment Posted By Kyle On 14.11.2008 @ 18:40



VA? really? Your the one who turned me on to, Rick. Obama up by 8, you say? Kicking a newspaper off your plane 5 days before the election because they aren't national and they distribute to areas you have in the bag, statistically no matter WHAT happens? I'm sure the Washington Times had a really strong case if their support and continued close coverage of Obama's campaign was gonna sway VA 1.5 point a day, all the way up the the election. McCain could still have it if it weren't for Obama's media treachery!

Wait, that doesn't make any sense.

I'm not your liberal better. there is no "no doubt" involved. Dallas Morning News, McCain supporter extraordinaire, DID print that it was just seats. Are they covering for Obama? Are our rights to free speech be squashed by a Dallas Morning News for Obama conspiracy?

What the solution here? never kick any supporter of the opposition off your plane, ever?

Comment Posted By Kyle On 31.10.2008 @ 18:14

I'm sorry, Drudge isn't making a very good case here; certainly not enough of one for you to base an example of your argument on, Rick.

From the Dallas Morning News (one of the three, McCain supporting newspapers):

"[W]e don't have evidence that the newspaper's endorsement of Sen. McCain had any bearing on the campaign's decision to boot us from the plane. … We think the Obama campaign's decision is to some degree more a function of limited seats, and while we're a large regional newspaper, we're not national and we're not in a swing state. We've been on the road with them at key moments, but we've not been along for the entire ride, like, say, The New York Times and The Associated Press.

For what it's worth, we've had the same trouble with the McCain campaign."

Ahh Drudge. Investigative journalism at its best, huh?

Comment Posted By Kyle On 31.10.2008 @ 17:48


wow, Godwin's law in the first post.

I wish that was an internet record. sadly, theirs a reason it happens enough to have a law about it.

Comment Posted By Kyle On 8.10.2008 @ 12:01


could you cite your claims? I have no doubt your referencing something, but all i can find out there is "Ayers and Obama worked together in an attempt to implement education reform that didn't do a very good job reforming."

how does that translate to "Obama is a terrorist?"

regardless of their work together on education reform (I maen, what was Obama supposed to do? "I no longer want to work on this project. I'm not allowed to talk to people who have sketchy pasts. If i do that makes me a bad person") what does that matter? what is this "revolution training camp" line? where? wah? who?

Guilt by association is a logical fallacy. Has Obama ever DONE anything radical with Ayers? seems like they know...met a few times about education.

Comment Posted By Kyle On 7.10.2008 @ 13:56


"For the left, it is not about connecting to average Americans. It is about average Americans acknowledging the liberal’s superior intellect and judgement and letting them run our lives."

I was wondering about this statement. I consider myself relatively liberal, and I do understand that there are some liberals who consider themselves somehow cognitively superior to conservatives.

However, in many cases that's not true. I often point friends to your blog, Rick, to make the point that not all republicans are born again Christians that hate homosexuals. I think both sides are truly capable of making AND understanding reasonable arguments. Isn't the capacity to do just that what fuels true political debate?

I guess I find myself often sticking up for republicans, because you guys often have good arguments that i just happen to disagree with. But in the same way that friends of mine might wrongly assume that ALL republicans are attempting to thrust their subjective, conservative values onto them,(remember 'Not my Values'?) aren't you assuming here that somehow ALL liberals consider themselves intellectually superior and are attempting to control the 'average american'?

I certainly don't, and further I don't feel like I'm in an intense minority here, when it comes to liberal thought.

Comment Posted By Kyle On 3.10.2008 @ 19:03


Wow. Sounds like John Aravosis has got you on the defensive.

Meanwhile, Wesley Clark makes a good point. Getting shot down is not executive experience. Which is ok, I guess, but it would be better if 1) McCain's supporters didn't make so much noise about his supposed greater experience, and 2) if McCain didn't display such ignorance about basic policy matters (such as the economy and Shiite vs Sunni).

Finally, if Republicans want to put Aravosis out of business, here's a tip: stop sucking cock while making life hell for all the other gays.

I will repeat it very slowly so anyone - even someone who is developmentally challenged like you - can understand.

McCain's time in the military is only a small part of his "experience" to be CIC. It is the fact that he has studied and debated the issues vital to this country's existence for 25 years on the national stage that matters.

Try another straw man. Clark does not have a leg to stand on. And as for Aravosis having me on the defensive, you're kidding right? I mean, that comment was an attempt at humor, yes?


Comment Posted By Kyle On 30.06.2008 @ 10:55


"See what I mean about him being too stupid to concoct a conspiracy favoring McCain or anyone else?"

That's one hell of a false opposition. You don't have to be smart to conspire, just to conspire effectively.

Comment Posted By Kyle On 11.02.2008 @ 12:01


"... if you support Fred Thompson for President, this is the time to get the hell off the sidelines and start rowing the damn boat."

You might want to tell him too.

Comment Posted By Kyle On 27.12.2007 @ 10:57

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