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I thought one of the headlines from a few years ago fit...."Le Worm"

Ditto for anything else anyone can think up.

Comment Posted By owl On 19.09.2006 @ 16:24


Good for Rudy. I think they need to send someone bigger and closer than even Baker if they intend to sell a load of crap. Sounds like something McCain might buy instead of Bush.

Comment Posted By owl On 19.09.2006 @ 09:13


It's easy to find the info this morning. I believe she is talking about the Jersey Girls with ringleader Kristen Breitweiser.

I am usually fairly moderate except when we speak about some of these moonbats and the MSM. Their aim is always the same. Destroy the country and in particular attack the WH and military. This group is no different. They did NOT conduct themselves as widows. So you say how does a widow conduct themselves? That we can not attack back because of their statis?

That is precisely Coulter's point. They put an old man that that served in the military out as their mouthpiece. He says on TV that our guys "killed in cold blood". How do you ignore that fool? They send a CIA husband out to call the President a liar but you can NOT answer the lies because he can hide behind CIA. They sent these Jersey Black Widows and they sat on my TV almost everyday......forever.....trashing the WH. They appeared as TV stars of our foreign policy. We have to sit with our mouths shut BECAUSE they are WIDOWS. Another example was their own grieving mom that was supposed to have the "absolute moral authority" to speak for all of us. This is what you wrote (Rick) about Sheehan on 9/16/05.

Cindy Sheehan is a living photoshop image. Set her down anywhere on the planet, put a microphone within 10 feet of her, and out of her mouth will spew the counterintuitive, the illogical, and the jaw dropping rants of a half-crazed, drooling dervish; a maddening combination of weepy radicalism and angry ideologue.

And..Should we pity her loss? Yes, but for how much longer? When does her radicalism negate whatever sacrifice she has given in the effort to defeat Islamism, that other radical ideology whose rhetoric about the west and America is so similar that it could have been born of the same mother’s tongue?

Now this is much milder than Coulter but at some point someone has to recognize that we are forced to battle "victims" because the other side sets it up that way. Look at the current military/MSM Iraq fiasco. Are we suppose to take the word of media and Murtha that our boys are killers, just because they have finally produced women and children victims?

I hate having to defend Coulter because I do not like the "ragheads, etc". I quit reading her a while back because of it. But on this one point, she does shine some light on something that is very ugly. This time the ugly turned out to be 4 widows with a political ringleader and the full MSM in tow.

Comment Posted By owl On 7.06.2006 @ 09:02

#21 has identified the group I think she had in mind. I forget how many (possibly 4-6) that formed a group that I referred to as the Weepy Widows. I actually thought I was being very respectful considering their behavior. It was a first in my lifetime to refer to a widow this way. This small group of politicos formed and decided they would speak for the nation. They demanded until they got the 9/11 Omission Camera Hounds. Then they had TV appearance after appearance.....they were stars. Never have I seen anything like it, until Sheehan. You have to compare this group to Sheehan.

Their only goal was to attack the White House. That's it. They appeared on Hardball after every sensational MSM tibit. This group has to be seperated from all other victims. They as a group, no more spoke for the widows than Sheehan speaks for the military families.

I laugh at Coulter but she does go over the top. Unless someone had followed that small group of widows, I can understand why you would be offended. Fact is they lost the automatic respect that I would have accorded them.

Comment Posted By owl On 7.06.2006 @ 00:04


Very nice, thank you.

Comment Posted By owl On 7.06.2006 @ 00:10


Look at what has been written on just this thread. All anti-American, anti-military, anti-religion, anti-government, all UN/international power grabbers and Democrats came together.

Isn't it sweet that they could have a lovefest, hang a sign around their necks and say "Sorry World, we produced George W Bush."

He did it.

It had a nice catchy ring and the MSM was the delivery van. They made their daily routes and spread the gospel..."You got a problem? Sorry, he did it. We think he looks like Hitler, too".

MSM needs to be hung by their thumbs and swing in the wind.

Then we have the ignorant, uninformed, uninterested public. They looked at Bush and said those people crazy and we don't believe all that crap in the MSM. Five years later the MSM van continues to make it's route and the people say "You know, it must be so. Look they can name mistake after mistake after mistake that this man made".

Never in the history of the universe has one man been under this much scrutiny. And this is the best they can come up with?

BDS is real. Otherwise, how do you explain certain people in the Republican Party actions and words about President Bush? It does not matter if it fails the truth test. "He Lied".

It does not matter that immigration is one issue and that all other issues were not decided by just one man. I SEE BDS in places that I would never have believed 5 years ago.

I say anyone that can spout some of that stuff after reading The Anchoress masterpiece, is...well...insane. BDS got them.

Comment Posted By owl On 24.05.2006 @ 13:53


I don't always agree with you Rick, but I think your title of this article pretty much summed up the situation.

We have become the Party of Bratty Foot Stompers.

The best explanation I have seen and most accurate timeline is given over at The Anchoress. No, this is not just a wonderful Bush article but it pinpoints the exact moment that The Brats came out to play. Then it traces the path of no control stompers.

Redhead Infidel has it all figured out but unfortunately suffers from delusions on his figures. Red and other Stompers think that they are the base. I will even allow that on illegal immigration you are the base. The problem with your logic though is that you will never win an election to enact your views. Or if you did, since you are a one issue winner, you are then done. Of course you do not believe me who you casually would label RINO.

Only discovered this year that I might was quite a shock since I never agreed with a single one of those Congressmen you label RINO. Oh well, so be it if you have to be listed under a label. If you make a list under Bush Republicans, add my name. I even disagree with Bush on some of the illegal/border problems because I would be slightly tougher.

It's about Choices. You give me a choice of being a Bush Republican or what has decided to label themselves as the True Conservatives, you lose every time. This puts me back to Red and his figures. Patch is correct. You do not have the majority. You will never have the majority except on a couple of issues. That's it. Like it or lump it.

Rick says to just vote, regardless of outcome. I have been there and done that and label myself a coward for it. That is a nice way to be able to Stomp without having to ever own up to your actions. Everyone from the voter to the UN World to our esteemed Congress wants Bush to take responsibility for his actions. That's quite a bit when things do not go right.

You only have to be responsible for ONE vote and it's result. I call that rather uneven. So if you want to play the delusioned challenger, or The yourself. You do not have the numbers except on a couple of issues. That's it.

So I say you are doing exactly what you rail against, but without a clue about your own behavior. After all, you voted. You are not responsible for the mess.

Comment Posted By owl On 23.05.2006 @ 11:24


Can't decide which ones of us are the most immature. Clicked off after reading and then came back because the comments make me spitting mad.

Rick wrote a good post and then I read how horrible all those RINOs are and how we must shovel them out. I never considered myself a RINO until you have all FORCED me into a corner. If you are able to reenact 1992 again, you will get the same results. The Party learned the wrong lesson. You all thought it was the "read my lips" when it was actually looking at that Republican Convention and making people shake their heads and say "I don't want anything to do with people like that".

Amazing. Like you, I will take myself out and vote, even though I have found I once again, do not like the people calling themselves the real true base. I do like the troops though. I do like having someone stand up to the UN. I do like someone standing up for US interests(not nuanced) in the world. I do like having someone appoint judges that use common sense. I do like the pledge and the flag and prayer. I like having a President with intergrity and honor. I don't like ungrateful backstabbers.

Comment Posted By owl On 19.05.2006 @ 09:25


I voted for Bush to make the decisions, right or wrong. I figure he still is the better choice and I KNOW he is better than the pack in Congress.

After doing my knee jerk, I hope my common sense has now taken over. Surprise, Bush has enemies! The Democrats and the labor unions, MSM, half the Republican Congress, most the countries of the world, UN, the anti-war, pro-choice, pro-lifers, and all immigration experts. Just to name a few. After looking the entire bunch over......I would vote Bush again in 2008 if given a choice. Compare him with the good Senators of both parties and he begins to attain sainthood.

Comment Posted By owl On 25.02.2006 @ 12:10

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