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Any liberal (or conservative) who condemns the use of extreme interrogation techniques as "illegal" but then works on behalf of illegal immigrants is not interested in the law. It's a political point, that's all.

Our country is going to hell in a hand-basket, we're going to be living in a 3rd world society with posters of Obama on every corner. That's what I care about right now. I really don't care what they're doing in Guantanamo--I would imagine some of the practices in Barney Frank's bedroom are as beastly and disgusting as some of what goes on there. And Congress tortures us every day.

Many people are misguided, believing that everything will be solved if we just turn our country over to the U.N., and become just another piece in the world's "brotherhood of man". They seem to see countries as equals, no matter if they are run by a Chavez or a Putin. Well, I don't see it that way. Cuba is not our equal. Venezuela is not our equal. Our country's welfare depends on recognizing this.

The fact that you, Rick, and your readers, have an opportunity to be reading and writing here today is owed partly to the "successes" at Guantanamo. People like me, the non-elites, are thankful for the fact we haven't been blown up since 9-ll.

When our society looks one way on some laws and prosecutes others for political purposes, we are doomed. If the administration is prosecuted, but we aren't given the facts about where the money resides from the non-transparent bail-out, and welfare checks are still handed to illegals, then there's not much hope for us.

Comment Posted By sara On 20.12.2008 @ 09:37


This piece should be discussed in every history/government/economics class in the country. Bravo.

Comment Posted By sara On 20.12.2008 @ 09:44


Good grief, dude, I think I heard you say the Constitution could be stretched a bit. Maybe it's time you retitled your blog. You aren't right wing at all.

Obama carries with him the baggage of being the most liberal Senator in the Senate. He is what he is and isn't apt to change now.

But, you went to the Obama rally last night and suddenly believe that Obama is going to care what conservatives think. Wow. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are going to see things from a different perspective for the first time because they now have more power than ever.

Whitehall (post 5) is right. There a big issues that will need our undivided attention. We need to be a wall. Stop trying to figure out how to get along with Obama and instead figure out how we can make sure our country is protected.

Comment Posted By Sara On 5.11.2008 @ 15:58


The GOP fails at marketing because it has an elitist mentality. They ignore bloggers or give them nothing to write about. Yesterday the Virginia team sent out an email about a rally with John Warner as the headliner. Warner? OMG. He's perceived as a turncoat around here. The Democrats have Gwyneth Paltrow and Cheryl Crow and we throw John Warner at our voters.

If the central message bores, no one will blog about it. Period.

The GOP wants to control the message too much and is relying on the old methods that people are tired of. When the party called me to ask if I would make phone calls, I said no. Because I HATE phone calls. Does anybody here like getting phone calls? Maybe 10 years ago,it was good to have someone call you. But not today. The old regime needs to go and it needs to be replaced with new ideas, new people.

Sarah Palin has shown her distaste for the GOP handlers. They want to do things the old way and most people see through it as fake and worthy of distrust. People like Sarah because she doesn't like the handlers.

If the GOP WANTS to woo the conservatives, it will find a way to do it. For instance, finding someone who understands alternative media, instituting a central site for bloggers to get press releases, video workshops, etc.

If the GOP doesn't care to win back those who have left the party, a new movement will form. That will be something to watch and blog about in itself. Who will come up strongest? There are lots of people who want to lead that new "best thing". That is a discussion for after next week, I suppose.

Comment Posted By sara On 30.10.2008 @ 15:33

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