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Now Spike's question is back. I retract my statement about the deletion, but I'm still waiting for the info on Churchill toasting Japan's attack on the USA.

Comment Posted By seejay On 22.08.2007 @ 10:22

This blog is a JOKE!
Now it's spelling and grammar corrections!
Another commenter asked Rick Moran why he won't answer my question about his claim that Winston Churchill toasted the attacks on Pearl Harbor.
Rick Moran deleted the question.
This is like dealing with the AP!

Comment Posted By seejay On 22.08.2007 @ 10:19

So Mr Moran
You suggest that this History Channel report "reamed" the Truthers, but then say that information on building 7 wasn't included. It wasnt included? In the report that "REAMED" the truthers? Why wouldnt this end-all-discussion-report include information on Building 7?
How thorough could it be?
IMHO, the Truthers are nuts! But your automatic dismissal of all questions re. WTC/9/11 seems questionable in itself.
And since you've never heard that the Mossad trailed Atta, you conclude it's bad information. How arrogant! Then you defend the integrity of the New York Times and their MSM buddies, the History Chanel. Puleasee!
And please show proof Churchill actually toasted 12/07.
With whom did he toast? When and where did this happen?
Or do you simply throw out stories as "reported" to suit your arguments in hopes no one will call you on it?

Comment Posted By seejay On 21.08.2007 @ 14:25

I always thought the stuff about America doing this to herself was silly.
But I haven't yet seen the rebuttal on the building 7 argument. I missed the History channel's airing, but aren't they still owned by the New York Times? Not exactly an unbiased source!
The building 7 questions remain. Instead of blaming our President, we should ask the Israeli Mossad what they knew and when they knew it. They WERE following Mohomhed Atta and another of the hijackers here in America prior to 9/11. Their agents were seen cheering and giving "thumbs up" as the towers were burning. Some media referres to the 5 agents as "Israeli Dancers."

Comment Posted By seejay On 21.08.2007 @ 11:05

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