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It is never the crime that gets you, but the cover-up.

If the media have nothing to fear, then thay can come clean and open their archives and demonstrate that all of the images of an event are available and that the metadata is available… all from the raw images and video.

By "this event" you mean the airstrikes in Beirut where this was one photo among 44 pages of photos yesterday on Yahoo news, the lead story of every media outlet on the planet. That event?

The evidence is that there was a bombing, followed by fire, followed by smoke is a little lacking for you is it?

What meta-data do you believe exists inside photographs you believe don't?

Comment Posted By seven On 8.08.2006 @ 08:46

It isn’t a question about whether there is little difference between the two pictures, the fact is that the doctored photo was done to elicit a greater emotional response from the reader. This is the essence of propaganda which makes ‘ole Brad a truly useful idiot of Hizbullah.

This of course applies equally to the link he provided at the end of that post. The one where you can find the exact same sentiment about the exact same thing from holocaust deniers.

Comment Posted By seven On 8.08.2006 @ 08:38

Rob Said: 3:37 pm
Early reaction:
The republicans do it too?
Where? The libs love to accuse and then not follow-up with proof.

There were around 20 words between the start of TBogg's post and the graphics you couldn't find. Got Ritalin?

Comment Posted By seven On 8.08.2006 @ 08:33

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