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Wow rick,

must be getting hard to walk around your mom's basement with all these boots broke off in your a$$.

Comment Posted By Smarty On 26.10.2008 @ 09:26

The left loves to point out ONE MAN who bombed abortion clinics and use him to juxtapose the muslims and the commies who have done multiple bombings throughout the years. It is dishonest, and don't be a dope for going along with it.

And learn the definition of terrorism. Just because a bomb is used it doesn't make it terrorism. Murder is done with a bomb too. The abortion clinic bombings were simple murder.

Comment Posted By Smarty On 25.10.2008 @ 13:29


Obama said one thing that I like, about the stupid HR question that was asked in one of their debates, about "What is your worst feature" or some such. He answered that he has a messy desk and is sometimes disorganized. They all had typical BS answers to the question. Afterwars, he said that being a normal guy, he answered the question, if he had gone last and knew the rules, he would have said his biggest fault was always helping little old ladies across the street.

A streak of honesty isn't a bad thing on either side of the isle.

Comment Posted By Smarty On 1.02.2008 @ 12:21


The MSM doesn't want Thompson, nor any real conservative to win. I think they know Her Royal Thighness would lose to any GOP semi-conservative or true conservative in a fair battle.

They don't want a fair battle, so they will prop Huck up just to crush him.
John McCain still doesn't realize that he is just a tool, and I don't mean just the lib's tool, I mean he is a tool, period.
Romney is a polished, "just for men" looking guy, with just the right amount of focus-grouped grey. No one can get excited for him.
Guliani would be the best DHS secretary we could have, then we need to demolish that department. But he will leave a lot of conservatives sitting home, but could still win.He is no conservative, but the Dems fear him, and so want to use Huck on him.

Fred is the man. If the rest of the field is cleared, the media could no longer ignore him. Her Thighness cannot beat him, not without legions of dead indians. The woman has huge negatives. Obama? If an amateur socialist with a middle name of "Hussein" can win the white house, then it is time for us to find a Pinochet, and do some darwinian action on the left side of the US isle.

Comment Posted By smarty On 20.12.2007 @ 15:26

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