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my,my...he sounds just like the clintons. oh no here we go again, more double talk, more "i can't remember."

i bet his campaign people are really scurrying around to come up with something to say about this, which will be absolutely incoherent, just as the rest of his drivel!

excuse the spelling.

clinton and bambie hussein make john mccain look so presidential. i'm not a fan of maccains but i will definitly vote a straight republican ticket the alternative scares me to death for i have a child serving in the military. who knows what the democrats will get us into with no nothings in the white house.

Comment Posted By southernsue On 4.03.2008 @ 10:34


what is so disturbing to me is that we as a nation have to worry about this. what has happened that these are the only kind of candidates we can come up with? remember that this is the president of the united states we are electing! we should not even have to worry if he is a muslim or not!

wake up america!

Comment Posted By southernsue On 27.02.2008 @ 15:08

believe what you want. this barak guy sounds as if he is playing with the wrong crowd. have we become sheepal? not me. i prefer my president to be a "homegrown potato bud". i want someone with roots in my country and represents my country, warts and all.

imho, if there is this so much doubt about his playmates then he should be discounted for any serious office and let a real american step ahead. at least a person that will proudly sing our national athem and put his hand on his heart during the pledge and also wear our proud american flag pin.

wake up america!

Comment Posted By southernsue On 25.02.2008 @ 09:12

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