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I’ve often felt that in addition to the recently diagnosed psychological syndrome PEST (Post Election Stress Trauma), moonbats are afflicted with something I’ll call Stupidly Hysterical Irate Twaddle; a condition that prevents the afflicted from accepting reality while forcing the poor unfortunate into paroxysms of hate-filled spite until, exhausted from the effort, they collapse into a heap of drooling, gibbering, quivering jello-brained mush.

This moonbat (who comes to use courtesy of David Limbaugh has a full blown case:

“The exit polls told the truth in 2000 and in 2004. Bush lost both times, but you repulsive republicans have stolen this country. You say we are fighting for democracy in Iraq yet you don’t trust it here. You have to rip off the American people to get your guy in…..your ends justify the means. You lie and steal. You should be ashamed.”

In a clinical sense, I suppose one could say that this particular moonbat also suffers from a regressive form of SHIT in that she reverts to a past hallucination and channels it forward to her fantasy of today.

“I just hope you wake up to the truth before our country, which I love so much, is totally destroyed. Every free thought curtailed, every spark of ingenuity thwarted. If America could speak to the world we would say we’re embarrassed. Embarrassed by the actions of the minority, the small minded, war mongers who have stolen our democracy. You are one of these folks and I hope you live to see the results of your insanity.”

As is obvious, the moonbat also suffers from Bi-locative SHIT as she obviously doesn’t think she lives in the same place that ordinary, sane Americans do. I’m not sure this moonbat can be helped until we find the root cause of her malady.

Maybe Michael Moore and Whoopie Goldberg could host a telethon…


Pat over at Brainster’s has a great movie trivia quiz. Also, scroll down for the 70’s trivia teaser.

Great stuff, Pat!

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