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Terrorists derail train! Suitcase stolen! Average American family not so average! Jack in love! Secretary of Defense kidnapped along with his daughter, Jack’s squeeze! Body count for show at 45!

Just a typical two hour period in the life of our heroes at CTU. Below is a brief synopsis, some comments, and some speculation.


A terrorist attack on a train all to steal a suitcase. A Turkish (not mid-east) plot to kidnap the Secretary of Defense Heller (played well by veteran character actor William Devane) who Jack works for now (gone from field ops at CTU for more than a year)also ends up nabbing Audrey Heller, the Secretary’s daughter who, though separated from her husband, is playing a little slap and tickle with ‘ole Jack.

While at CTU to brief the new Bureaucrat in Chief Aron Driscoll, Jack, realizes that the terrorist attack on the train is not the main target. The terrorist suspect brought to CTU headquarters isn’t talking so Jack takes matters into his own hands (as usual), busts into the interrogation room, shoots the terrorist in the knee(ouch!) and wrings the information out of him about the Secretary’s impending kidnapping. Also, probable internet attack is discovered…the hacker who discovers it (played by Lukas Haas of “Mars Attacks” and “Witness” fame) finds everybody at his office dead and goes on the run. Being a friend of super anal retentive bitch Chloe, Jack’s old administrative assistant (Jack: “How are you Chloe? Chloe: “Not perfect but OK.”), hacker Andrew Paige calls Chloe and tells her about the killings. Jack, who should have been arrested for shooting the terrorist, agrees to meet Paige at LA’s Union Station. Overheard by a terrorist, Paige is kidnapped and Jack, who’s been temporarily re-instated so that he can find Audrey and save her, is hot on the terrorists trail, following him and hoping that Paige’s kidnapper will lead him to his lost love.


The Araz Family: Mommy, daddy and teenage lovestruck son. Been in country 5 years. ALL are in on the plot (ultimate plot not yet revealed)

Richard Heller: Secretary Heller’s moonbat son. Heller was at Richard’s house when he was kidnapped trying to talk him out of speaking at an anti-war demonstration. Secretary Heller got off best line of the night; “Spare me the 6th grade Michael Moore logic…”

Edgar: Fat computer geek at CTU with photographic memory.

Aron Driscoll: Successor to Tony who we assume is still in jail, she’s a hard assed bureaucratic bitch with no discernible redeeming qualities. (I speculate she’s going to be killed off shortly). She fired Jack for being an addict (maybe).

Tomas Sharik: Turkish terrorist who blew up train. Might know more about ultimate plot.

Omar: So far mysterious terrorist in charge of holding the Secretary and Audrey. Probably NOT the mastermind.

Debbie: Lovestruck girl that Araz kid Beruss has been seeing. Followed him to terrorist hideout. Chance for a quick termination of relationship (not to mention her life functions)…say, about 100%.


At CTU, Jack busts into interrogation room by cold cocking a guard, using his code card, and then PUNCHES A CODE INTO PANEL! Now, Jack’s been gone for more than a year…maybe the writers want to explain how the hell he still had a valid code to enter the interrogation room?


Jack: One gratuitous wounding.
Show to date: 45. including 32 on the train.


Who are the Araz family? We know they’re connected to Omar but they obviously have a larger role to play. My guess is, that when the major attack is revealed, they’ll be hip deep in it.

Richard Heller…terrorist dupe or a guy who REALLY hates his father? Could be surprise bad guy down the road. Right now, he looks innocent…sorta.

Who’s the mole? When Paige called Chloe to tell her about a possible internet attack, she was ordered by Driscoll to fob it off to the FBI. Paige’s office was then targeted by the terrorists. That means that Chloe, Driscoll, or someone at the FBI is a mole working for the terrorists. Stay tuned for THAT one.

Stay tuned for update tomorrow…same JACK time…same JACK channel.


For all of you real fans of “24″…you’ve got to check out “24 Weblog.” Links to other sites, links to some great articles, as well as links to some spoilers, this is a GREAT site. Check it out.

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