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It’s offiicial. The terrorists are being aided by good old fashioned red blooded American thugs. Here’s what we know:

1. The terrorists knew that the override device was on the train they deliberately wrecked.

2. Powell, who we saw was working directly with the terrorists and who worked for McGlennon- Forster, creator of the override device, was also working with the thugs.

3. The “mystery man” that Heller’s son Richard was covering for with regards to the kidnapping could very well be his brother-in-law Paul, whose company is part owner of the building where the terrorists planned everything.


When last we left the Araz family they were having problems that would tax the abilities of the best family therapists around. Bad Dad Navi was about ready to murder his own son (after shooting wife Dina in her attempt to escape with poor, angst -ridden Behruzz). Dina agreed to help CTU if Jack and Tony could rescue her son from the clutches of her murderous husband. And Behruzz? Well, let’s just say that Behruzz is…confused:

Navi: “You’re not my son.”

Behruzz: “Because I don’t want to kill innocent people?”

Navi: “Because you are weak and stand for nothing!”

Jeez…talk about failing to meet your dad’s expectations…

Jack uses Dina as a ruse to keep Navi occupied on the phone while he shimmies down the laundry chute. As luck would have it, the harness of his rappelling outfit bangs the chute on its way up alerting Navi to his presence. No problem. Jack overcomes Navi and, while getting ready to take him into custody, watches helplessly as his best chance to find the override device disappears in a spasm of Oedipal violence. Behruzz extracts his revenge on the fanatical father.

As expected, Jack asks Tony to rejoin CTU and Tony accepts (to the delight of female fans at every “24″ forum around). Tony escorts the remaining members of the Araz family back to CTU for questioning, which will set up a very interesting confrontation next week if, as expected, Tony’s ex-wife Michelle makes an appearance as the representative from Division who is sent to investigate the Maryann fiasco.

Can you say bitchslap ‘dat ho’?

The traitorous Maryann reveals to Curtis that there’s a computer file at Powell’s office that contains the names of people involved in the plot. She convinces Curtis that she’s the only one that can retrieve the data. Whether Maryann would have actually downloaded the file is open to question. When in Powell’s office, she acted as if she expected someone to show up. Someone did. Baldy and his merry band of American thugs broke in on Curtis and Maryann with guns drawn and before Maryann could weasel her way out of it, she gets her just desserts.

Meanwhile, after discovering that Audrey’s soon-to-be-ex Paul has ties to the terrorists, Jack blanches as Audrey volunteers to see Paul and stall him until Jack can get there. Jack arrives at a very opportune moment as Audrey is about to be acccosted by Paul. Stay tuned for next week’s episode where Jack will put the screws to Paul right in front of his soon-to-be-ex wife Audrey.

Speaking of torture, Sarah has Erin over a barrel because Secretary Heller is horning in on Erin’s bureaucratic turf. In exchange for her support, Sarah wants the record of her false arrest expunged. Oh yeah…she also wants a promotion and a double raise in pay grade.

Sarah’s mama didn’t raise no dummies.

Finally, after watching Maryann get whacked, Curtis confronts Baldy:

Curtis: You’re an American. And you’re working with the terrorists?

Baldy: I’m going to ask you one more time. What does CTU know about the override?

Clearly, the override device is the link between middle eastern Islamofascists and American thugs. But who are they? CIA? Corporate spy’s seeking to steal the device?

And have we been told everything about this override device? Perhaps…just perhaps it has the capability to not only melt down power plants but also set off nuclear bombs! If the writers are going to be fanciful about a device that can remotely melt down the nuclear pile of a power plant, why not give the device the ability to remotely detonate nuclear bombs? Hell, maybe they could give it the capability of reproducing the exact recipe for Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.

Now that would be worth stealing.


If this keeps up, poor Jack is going to go through withdrawl symptons again. This time for a lack of kills. I think the medical condition is known as Mortus Corpus absentia .

Jack: 18 dead
Show: 93 dead

Maryann and bad dad Navi bite the dust. We don’t know the condition of the security team that accompanied Curtis and Maryann to Powell’s office.


We still haven’t heard what happened to Erin’s daughter after being given a drug she was allergic to in the CTU infirmary. Not only that, Erin goes to the infirmary to apologize to Sarah for torturing her even though she was innocent and doesn’t even look in on her daughter? It’s been 4 hours guys,…give!

Maybe the writers forgot about her.



  1. My favorite techno-goofiness was that thermal satellite imaging Jack requested… to find Navi and Behruzz in the BASEMENT of a HOSPITAL, in a LAUNDRY ROOM of all places. (Were any dryers running?) Mmmmm, damn good technology there. You gotta love Jack for using all those tools in his bag!

    Comment by The MaryHunter — 2/23/2005 @ 7:43 am

  2. i wonder if they every get hungry? you would think one show (each a hour showtime/realtime) would let them eat at applebee’s or planet hollywood ..

    damn another 5 days ..24 needs to be at least twice a week ..lol

    Comment by cafeRg — 2/23/2005 @ 1:45 pm

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